CMM-0.6 prepared to start in Saudi Arabia

At the end of April this year, GlobeCore engineering team came to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)  to commission the CMM-0,6 unit.

This equipment cleans electrical insulating oils with ISO cleanliness class 4406 – / 18/16 up  to – / 14/12 class by multiple passes through the filter unit and removing mechanical impurities. The versatility of CMM-0,6 unit allows it to be used during installation, repair and operation of power transformers.

The equipment is assembled in a container on a single – axle trailer. A storage inventory for various accessories and tools is provided in the front of the container.

Also the unit is equipped with a TSS safety system, for safe connection to energized transformers. An operator sets the upper and lower oil levels ​​before starting work. In an event of  a fault, the TSS system disconnects the transformer from the unit.

TSS system can be used to connect different cleaning, filtration and regeneration equipment of various manufacturers to a transformer. It takes less than 5 minutes to start it operating. At customer’s request, TSS can be equipped with GSM-module, to control oil processing with the through mobile communication.


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