Egypt. Startup of the GlobeCore CMM-10-10

January 13, this year, GlobeCore completed the work under the contract on production, delivery and commissioning of the CMM-10-10 unit.

This time the equipment of our company went to Egypt (Asyut), where it would purify and degas insulating oils, and evacuate the power transformers at local electrical substations.

GlobeCore CMM units are indispensable for repairs, maintenance and operation of power transformers, which is due to their processing modes: oil degassing, transformer heating and vacuum treatment. After treatment, the oil has moisture content below 5 ppm and gas content below 0.1%.

GlobeCore CMM units are multifunctional and can successfully function in city substations, on ships, offshore wind farms and drilling platforms, as well as in shipbuilding and repair yards.

At the request of the Customer, the CMM units have the following options:

  • an extra vacuum pump assembly for transformer vacuum treatment;;
  • automatic productivity control;
  • insulating oil level monitoring system in transformer;;
  • full automation and remote control and process monitoring via smartphone or PC;;
  • particle counter according to ISO 4406;
  • inlet and/or outlet moisture meters for the oil stream;
  • flow meters.


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