Equation of Efficiency of Oil Filtration Equipment

Cooling device is designed to dissipate heat, generated in transformer during its work, into the environment. Without it, the long-term operation of transformer is impossible, since paper insulation is subject to wear (aging) at unacceptable rises of temperature. Low-voltage transformers (I and II dimensions) use smooth tanks or tanks with corrugated walls serving as radiator fins for heat distribution. Medium voltage and high voltage transformers require complex cooling systems for heat removal.

Transformer oil which provides internal insulation of engine, as any other substance under the influence of temperature and moisture, is prone to oxidation and aging. The problem of disposing used oil for many companies is in the past. Because in modern production now performs reclaamtion of transformer oil.

Constant regeneration (recovery) of oil during operation of transformer provides filters – or rather, filtration installation.

During recondition of oil – the filter absorbs moisture, sludge, acid, and other compounds formed during oil aging. In treatment and recycling plants – a filter is a cylinder filled with sorbent. The amount of sorbent in a filter is about 0.81% of oil mass in transformer. Filters are connected directly to transformer by two ports in the higher and lower parts of transformer. This ensures trouble-free replacement of refined oil in online, offline transformer. To eliminate sorbent penetration inside transformer tank, a filter is fitted with protective net in its upper and lower parts. Furthermore, due to fast movement of oil, the front of adsorption filter is fitted with a felt seal.

GlobeCore has top seles in technology market – supplying oil cleaning and recovery equipment into 70 countries – offers an impressive catalog of installations.

It uses special filters, adsorbents and the cleaning process is self-regulating, depending on oil flow, allowing stable processing of oil. GlobeCore technologies have numerous advantages. In their filters they use sorbents with an ability to regenerate themselves.

Oil drying and filtration unit CMM- F are divided into two groups according to the type of installed filter element:

  • CMM-F (CFU) – filter element cleans only from mechanical impurities;
  • CMM-F – filter element removes solids and adsorbs free and dissolved water.

Each unit has its own advantages. The choice depends on the client’s individual needs of the enterprise and its scope.


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