GlobeCore Equipment Presentation in Qatar

Qatar becomes yet another country which hosts GlobeCore industrial oil purification and regeneration equipment presentation.

On 21 November, our employees, with the assistance of Al Dana Switchgear (A Subsidiary of AALCO Group) performed a seminar to familiarize Qatar electrical power providers with GlobeCore’s developments in power transformer servicing. Also were present the representatives of Al Dana Switchgear company (A Subsidiary of AALCO Group) which were the co-organizers of the event.

Beside general information on GlobeCore equipment, the participants were able to see the purification process demonstrated using a laboratory scale version of one of the units. After the presentation, the attendees were able to speak with GlobeCore’s managers in a Q&A session about our products.

The presentation generated interest in GlobeCore’s transformer oil purification and regeneration equipment. We hope to establish lasting cooperation with Qatar power industry, with the possibility to hold more such presentations in the future.


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