GlobeCore Equipment Successfully Used in Alternative Energy in Canada

The alternative energy industry is relatively young and growing rapidly.
The use of solar, wind and sea power allows countries with insufficient resources to reduce energy dependency. Moreover, alternative sources are “green”, unlike traditional power (oil, coal and natural gas). Alternative energy does not generate emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and has a positive impact on the environment.
GlobeCore is an active member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and specializes in equipment for servicing wind turbine transformers. One of such systems, a CMM-4/7 unit, is successfully operated in Canada. It removes dissolved gases, free and dissolved water and particles from insulating oil. The equipment can be used for heating and pumping of oil in and out of transformers and other electrical equipment. The secret to high performance of the CMM unit are the activators that contribute to near-instant evaporation of gases and water from oil.
Beside being highly reliable, the unit has a compact and mobile design. It facilitates quick servicing of wind turbine transformers even in remote locations.
The Canadian wind turbine, which uses GlobeCore equipment, is inland, but GlobeCore also cares about wind generators operating at sea. The company produces equipment for operation in harsh conditions (high humidity, fog, salt water, etc.) with special design.


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