Industrial Oil Purification: Myth and Reality

Industrial Oil Purification

Industrial oil is used in machinery as a lubricant, improving operation and extending service life of equipment. For best results, used industrial oil must be changed. Used oil can change so much under the influence of temperature, air, light and contaminants, that further use becomes impossible. The oil accumulates colloid coke and ash, asphalt and tar, metal particles and water, mineral dust and many other contaminants. Oxidation of the oil causes deposits to form on the surfaces of the machinery. This oil must be drained and replaced with new, although it is hardly possible to completely remove the sediment.

Previously, the only viable and environmentally friendly solution was to submit the used oil for reprocessing. The used oil is purified using special equipment. The product is virtually indistinguishable from new oil. Due to the high cost of purification equipment, it made more sense to sell the used oil to recycling companies.

The cost of the product varies due to many factors. The price of used industrial oil depends on its type, amount, quality and the transportation costs. If the oil is sold for recycling, it can be regenerated. Regenerated industrial oil, which costs less than new product, is very similar to the new oil.

Modern technologies offer several methods of regeneration and purification of used industrial oil. Regeneration is viable because it allows to preserve this valuable resource.

Purification is the process of filtering and drying industrial oil. It is often a part of a larger process to fully restore the oil by removing contaminants, such as acids, ketone, aldehydes etc.

Special equipment for purification and regeneration of industrial oil uses several methods:

  • Mechanical: removal of water and solid particles from the oil (filtration, separation, settling, washing)
  • Heat: distillation, vacuum
  • Physical: coagulation and adsorption
  • Chemical: acid or alkaline purification (these processes require complex equipment and are only used if the previous methods are not sufficient.

Industrial oil purification is mostly limited up to the physical method, where special media absorb contaminant particles and water, completing the restoration. After the regeneration cycle is complete, the product’s quality is not inferior to new oil.

Using own equipment, a company can save on purified industrial oil, reduce the oil purchase budget and generally help the environment. In today’s environmentally friendly society, increasingly more facilities use regenerated oil.

Regarding the latter point, it should be noted that there is a common misconception that environmentally friendly technologies are expensive and the results of their application are not immediate. This myth must be dispelled. About a third of crude oil is used to make various industrial oils. Using regenerated oil in the company can reduce demand and the negative environmental impact and costs, increasing the facility’s efficiency.

Since regeneration and purification of industrial oils using modern equipment can be performed continuously, and in many cases without the need to stop the oil filled machinery, the use of such equipment is very cost effective. Using own oil purification system, a business protects its investment and reduces new costs.

One of the companies which develop and market industrial equipment for regeneration, dehydration, purification and degassing of transformer, turbine, industrial and other oil, regeneration of all types of mineral oil with clarification and color restoration, is GlobeCore. All products are duly certified. Quality control is ISO 9001:2001 certified.

The patented mobile oil purification units protect client’s business from cost overruns and expensive repairs. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Reduction or elimination of waste industrial oil disposal costs
  2. Prevention of down time
  3. Optimization of the mobile industrial oil processing and regeneration process
  4. Saving of up to 85% on purchases of new industrial oil by regenerating used oil
  5. Environmental benefits

Old industrial solutions are being replaced with new efficient ones to address some of the previously complicated or even impossible issues of efficiency, environment protection and cost reduction by investing into affordable industrial oil purification equipment.


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