Oil Filtration Plant: Choices and Monetary Gains

Transformer oil performs important functions.  First of all it serves as an insulating medium and, secondly, it removes heat from  electrical equipment.

Various factors like air, high temperature, sun light, varnish insulation, paints, moisture and metals cause oxidation processes in oil.

Also oxidation can be caused by copper.  In general, copper is present in oil-filled electrical devices in big quantities; therefore the area of its contact with oil is also large.

Metal particles already present in oil can be active or passive in oxidation process. If oxygen is removed, metals become passive and exert minimum or no destructive influence

Sludge – the substance that remains in transformers after poor cleaning or changing oil – also affects the transformer oils oxidation.

Oil oxidation process can be divided in two stages.  The first stage is called inductive.  It is very difficult and even impossible to detect any changes in transformer oil during this stage.  Inductive stage is characterized by gradual reduction of oil stability.

All oil properties deteriorate during the second stage: oil goes darker, its acidity index and ash content increase.

Oxidation products can be dissolved in oil at the beginning of aging process, but with time, more substances fall out as sludge.  When resinous particles and sludge deposits on hot parts of transformer, heat elimination declines sharply and windings temperature goes up.

Acids, that form in oil show high corrosion activity, gradually destructing transformer materials, including windings insulation.

All products of oil deterioration are harmful in a varying degree as they disturb normal functioning of transformers.

Intrusion of water and oxidation reduce electric strength of transformer oils.

It is recommended to use oil filtration plants to remove dissolved gases, water and mechanical impurities in order to slow down aging processes.  Regular filtration of insulating liquid extends service life of both oil and transformer.

GlobeCore develops and produces economical and environmentally friendly equipment for transformer oil purification. The benefits are in saving costs on buying fresh oil as well as on unscheduled repairs and maintenance of oil-filled equipment

When choosing the specific oil recycling plant, many factors are taken into consideration: equipment performance, price on parts and materials used.  GlobeCore offers a wide range of filtration equipment with capacity ranging from several cubic meters per hour to tens of cubic meters per hour.  This allows choosing the best option of transformer oil filtering at an optimal price.


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