Waste Oil Collection System

Collection of waste oil is one of the processes preceding their disposal or recovery. The quality of a reclaimed product in many ways depends on the correct performance of the collection process.  Typically, waste oil collection is carried out on the territories of vehicle fleets, plants, factories, power plants and other enterprises and organizations that consume petroleum oil.

It is necessary to adhere to certain rules in order to ensure quality  of waste oil.  First of all, each type of lubricating oil of some specific grade must be collected separately from oil with other grades.  But if different oils are used in the same mechanisms, it is possible to mix them even if they belong to different grades.  Secondly, highly contaminated oil must be collected separately from slightly contaminated oil.  Thirdly, it must be ensured that during the time of collection industrial oil is not polluted with grease and gear oil.

Special systems are used for collection of waste oil: both standard and non-standard.  Waste oil is drained into special vessels, cans, tanks or barrels.

In case it is necessary to drain a large amount of waste oil from any equipment (turbines, transformers, etc.), a drain tap is connected to a pipeline, through which oil is pumped into an intake reservoir.


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