A Winning Combination: Dielectric Oil Purification and Transformer Vacuumizing Unit


Restoration of the insulation system is an essential part of power transformer maintenance. Before new oil is pumped into the transformer, all air must be removed from the tank, as well as moisture and gas, accumulated by the insulation system when the transformer is open. During operation, the insulation system performance gradually declines due to moisture, air and particulate matter contaminating the dielectric oil. This can be addressed by purification of transformer oil.

The two tasks are traditionally performed by separate units, which is not very convenient, but can be rather costly. Based on many years of successfully working with our client and on the current demands of small and medium size power generation and transmission companies, GlobeCore offers a simple and efficient solution: combining an oil purification unit with a vacuum unit.

This product can be used by:

  • transformer corrective and preventive maintenance companies;
  • transformer manufacturers;
  • power generation and distribution companies.

The advantages of the combined units are:

  • Saving on transportation. Obviously, it costs less to deliver one unit instead of two to the client. There is also the apparent constant profit of using the combined unit by saving on transportation between sites, i.e. transformers to be serviced;
  • Simplicity of servicing and operation both indoors and outdoors;
  • Extension of transformer oil service life;
  • Custom options: stationary (containerized, on frame, under tent) and mobile (castor wheels or trailer);
  • Reduction of labor. Only one operator is required. This means saving on labor costs, travel expenses and permits;
  • Expansion of services offered. Combined equipment means more orders both for transformer oil treatment and transformer vacuum drying;
  • Lower power consumption.

Dielectric oil purification and transformer vacuumizing unit specifications




Moisture content by weight, g/t max



Filtration, micron



Total gas content, % max



Max oil temperature in heating mode, ⁰С



Oil heater power, kW, max



Max water vapor pressure, kPa

4,0 (30)


Max operating pressure, kPa (mm. Hg)

20 (150)


Max input pressure, kPa (mm. Hg)

20 (150)

Why choose GlobeCore products?

  • consistent German quality;
  • Flexible discounts;
  • Fast production;
  • Stock equipment available from storage;
  • 30% project budget savings;
  • Anticorrosion and rust preventing coating;
  • Equipment protected for shipment;
  • Service divisions on three continents;
  • Sorbent and other consumables can be purchased almost anywhere in the world;
  • Special sorbent recovery equipment available.

Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have:

  1. How long does a custom order take to manufacture?

Custom equipment is manufactured in 45 days.

  1. What is the warranty?

Warranty is usually 12 months.

  1. Which equipment can be combined?

Our experience and experience of our clients shows that the most economical and versatile combination is the CMM-2.2 and CMM-4 thermovacuum drying units with double stage vacuum units.

To select the optimal combination of equipment for your application, contact us.


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