A Business Trip to Armenia

At the end of February, representatives of GlobeCore had a business trip to Erevan in Armenia. The purpose of this trip was to introduce GlobeCore equipment and its operational principles to the representatives of the Armenian electric power industry.  Oleksandra Podpriatova, a sales manager of GlobeCore, held a get-to-know-each-other presentation and a GlobeCore engineer answered many technical questions for Armeinan Electric employees. The group discussed the  problems of transformer oil purification and regeneration that are considered to be very pressing for the Armenian power industry.  Finally, a sample of used oil was regenerated to show how the UVR unit works.  The results obtained have proved once again that the UVR oil purification units are fully capable of efficintly completing highly complicated oil reclamation tasks. In general, the trip was a success.  The Armenian Electric company learned how GlobeCore oil reclamation and purification technology can extend the service life of their transformers while reducing operating costs and eliminate hazardous waste.  The GlobeCore representatives have gained vast international experience and happy to have contributed their knowledge and experience to the development of the electric power industry in Armenia.

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