The Basics Equipment of Thermal Cleaning of Transformer Oil

Gas oil saturation velocity depends on the height of oil column and the surface of gas contact with it. The velocity of the reverse process also depends on the height of surface of oil. Vibration in oil may cause local areas of low pressure, where dissolved gas appears in a form of bubbles. Thus to improve reliability of insulation it is necessary to reduce to a minimum vibration in operating transformers. Installation for vacuum cleaning and degassing of transformer oil by GlobeCore are designed for high-voltage transformers. One of their main problems is gas formations. Oxidation and aging of transformer oil occurs not only due to air that enters oil from the outside, but also due to oxygen dissolved in oil. This air lowers dielectric strength of insulation system of transformer. With development of modern technology gradually increases power and voltage of power transformers. Therefore, vacuum degassing installations for transformer oil is becoming increasingly important for industrial and energy companies. These treatment systems are needed to extend service life and reliability of oil as one of the components of internal insulation of transformer. GlobeCore has been one of the leaders in production and sales of equipment of cleaning and regeneration for oils and fluids. Its range of installation uses modern technology, as well as reliable and efficient in design. For example, the unique design of the vacuum chamber and activating systems by GlobeCore for degassing transformer oils promote the most effective cleaning and high quality of the final product. The system for degassing oil has high cleaning efficiency and allows you to extract gas leaving only 0.1% s from the initial 10% after one run of oil through the system. For drying oil is used the method of spraying hot oil during heating, and filtration mode…. Each unit by GlobeCore is universal and its main advantage is versatility. For example, mobile oil unit CMM-M (HPA) provides the following operations:
  • Dehydration of oil providing moisture content of not more than 10 ppm;
  • Degassing  providing  gas content not more than 0.1%;
  • Increase of breakdown voltage of insulating oils up to 70 kV;
  • Conducting     drying electrical equipment with simultaneous cleaning of oil;
  • First pouring of insulating oil into electrical equipment;
  • Nitriding of transformer oils;
  • Vacuumizing of transformers and other electrical equipment.
Installation CMM-M are designed to filter with or without heating and obtain oil not less than 9 purity grade (17 / 15/12 to ISO 4406) and filtration fineness up to 1 micron. The station operation may be varied to optimize the processing of oil, vacuum drying, for different sizes of transformers. The use of plants as service equipment, helps to extend service life of oils and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining them.

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