Benefits of GlobeCore Mineral Oil Filtration Units

Mineral oil – a product which is obtained by processing crude oil, coal, tar shale or peat. In industry, the most widely used are petroleum oils. According to a method of production, they  are divided into distillate and residual. Mixing these two types of petroleum products – produce many brands of commercial oils. Mineral oils are divided into following groups, depending on  application:
  • Industrial (lubrication for  industrial machinery);
  • Motor (lubricate vehicles and internal combustion engines);
  • Transmission (lubricate gear transmissions for all types of vehicles);
  • Cylinder (lubricate piston and steam engines);
  • Energy (lubricate steam and water turbines, electric power generators; turbine units, etc.);
  • Instrumental oils;
  • Oils for lubrication of special mechanisms.

Causes of mineral oil contamination

Solid contaminants may get into the mineral oil from outside or as a result of certain physical or chemical processes. Free water gets into the oil from the environment, or during the transition from dissolved state into emulsion. Part of the moisture in oil is due to its oxidation. The appearance of gas content is due to air suction during the pumping process into a filling container or moisture appearing due to the change of air and temperature. Contaminations can get into oil  during production, transportation, storage and use. Oil saturated with harmful impurities, causes many negative consequences. Bad oil can damage power transformers, steam turbines, internal combustion engines, etc. It all is expensive equipment to repair and replace. In many cases, plants and units downtime is extremely undesirable. In this regard, the best solution is to filtrate mineral oils and use hydraulic fluids complying with set industrial requirements.

GlobeCore mineral oils  filtration unit CFU

GlobeCore  engineering department developed CFU installation to solve the problem of filtrating mineral oils. This equipment cleans mineral oil with viscosity less than 70 cSt at 50 ° C, from mechanical impurities, dissolved water, water-soluble acids and alkalis. Due to the repeated passage of the processed oil through the filter unit it is cleared to grade  9 industrial purity.

What do you get by buying our installation:

  • Quality purification of mineral oils;
  • Extends service life of mineral oils;
  • Reduces of financial costs for new oil and disposal of waste oil;
  • Reduces  equipment downtime;
  • Reduces the risk of accidents.

Benefits of GlobeCore CFU units:

  • Easy to maintain and operate;
  • Compact size;
  • Mobility;
  • Spare parts included.

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