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Commissioning in Saudi Arabia

August 5 – 8, 2017, in Jizan, our company engineering team carried out the commissioning and start up of the CMM-2,2 unit.

This unit added to the list of equipment already provided and commissioned for the electricity industry of Saudi Arabia by GlobeCore. The CMM-2,2 unit operates is several modes, and can be used for cleaning insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, and heating electric devices with hot oil, as well as vacuum drying of power transformers. In drying and filtration mode, the unit’s capacity is 2.2 m3 / h, and in degassing – 1.5 m3 / h.

Multiple passage of oil  through a CMM-2,2 unit provides oil parameters of:  total gas content below 0.5% (at the initial 10.5%) and mass moisture content below 10 g / t (at the initial 50 g / t).

The equipment s containerized and is mounted on a single axle trailer, which enables movement between transformers and electrical substations.

To receive consultation and to order a СММ-2,2 unit , please contact our managers on contacts link.

We invite you to participate in the seminar on industrial oils purification and regeneration

GlobeCore GmbH invites specialists of the power industry and everyone interested in innovations in electrical power industry to take part in our seminar on “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”.

The event will take place in Oldenburg (Germany) on September 27 at Edewechter Landstrasse, 173. The program of the seminar covers the problems of industrial oil aging and importance of oil regeneration. In the practical part of the seminar our engineer will demonstrate transformer oil regeneration on CMM-R unit.

If you would like to participate, you need to apply before September 1, 2017, by sending an email to

Equipment presentations every year in Zimbabwe

A year ago, GlobeCore held presentations in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to participate in the events. Therefore, our company was happily to give  another opportunity and to hold a series of presentations, this time in Bulawayo  in June 8, 2017.

The main attention was given to the electrical industry of Zimbabwe: and its issues in purification and regeneration of insulating oils, as well as vacuum treatment and drying of solid insulation of power transformers. Traditionally, the presentation included a practical part. The  laboratory UVR unit demonstrated oil regeneration on the real samples of contaminated industrial oil

GlobeCore is grateful to all participants for their interest and assistance in organization, and is sure that such annual meetings forge fruitful cooperation.

CMM-4/7: now in Finland

On May 31, 2017, the CMM-4/7 unit started its operation in Helsinki (Finland). First it serviced a 400 MVA transformer.

CMM-4/7 is a multifunctional unit  – it has three modes of operation:

  • First the unit warms up and then it starts processing oil in degassing mode. In this mode, the oil is heated to a set temperature, filtered, degassed in vacuum and passes through fine filtration at the exit;
  • The unit heats and filtrates oil in a vacuum column without degassing;
  • The unit diagnoses good condition and serviceability of all components (valves, pumps, etc.).

CMM-4/7 units are used in enterprises engaged in installation and repair of oil-filled high-voltage equipment in workshops and on-site. The processing rate of this unit in degassing mode is 4 m3 / h , and in  heating and filtration mode is 7 m3 / h.

Processed oil parameters:

  • Volumetric gas content – below 0.1%;
  • Moisture content by weight – below 10 g / t;
  • ISO 4406 industrial purity class  – / 14/12;
  • Mechanical impurities content – below 8 g / t;
  • Filtration fineness -5 μm.

The unit is connected to the transformer by TSS (Transformer Security System) to monitor the oil level and to protect the transformer from oil leaks or breaking of hoses.

Commissioning of 2 units in Gaborone

In May, 2 more installations of GlobeCore equipment took place. At this time in Gaborone (Botswana) were put into operation two new units  CMM-4/7 and СММ-12Р.

CMM-4/7 processes insulating oil (through drying, degassing, cleaning from mechanical impurities) and heats oil before refilling, it also vacuum dries and evacuates transformers. The degassing mode is designed for a maximum processing rate of 4 m3 / h, and the heating and filtration mode for 7 m3 / h.

CMM-12R is also a multifunctional equipment designed for processing insulating oils and  for maintenance of transformers. It differs from CMM-4/7 in the  possibility to regenerate oil by removing dissolved gases, solid particles, free and dissolved water, as well as oil decay products.

CMM-12R  service program for transformers includes :

  • Removal of sludge from windings;
  • Evacuation;
  • Heating a  transformer and its active parts with hot oil.

Pakistan. CMM-4/7 successfully starts its work

May 13, 2017, another GlobeCore plant was successfully put into operation.

In Lahore (Pakistan), a CMM-4/7 unit serviced the power transformers through heating, drying, cleaning, degassing and nitriding of the insulating oil. This equipment can provide ISO 4406 cleanliness class – / 14/12 of industrial oil. It also achieves moisture content  by weight below  5 g / t, and the volumetric gas content 0.1%.

GlobeCore transformer oil purification systems extend the service life of power transformers and reduce financial costs. More detailed technical characteristics of this equipment can be found here.

Ecuador hosted a GlobeCore seminar

May 3-4, 2017 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore presented a seminar on cleaning and regeneration of transformer oil.

The event was attended by representatives of companies from electricity sector of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and other countries.

On the first day the participants were presented with our company’s achievements in transformer oil regeneration. An example of oil regeneration was shown on a real energized transformer with the CMM-12P regeneration unit. This equipment was commissioned in August  last year and successfully performs the required tasks. The presentation was discussed, and all questions answered.

The second day of the seminar was devoted to technical and commercial issues of possible cooperation on an individual basis.

GlobeCore is very grateful to all the guests for attending and showing their interest in the seminar, and Tcontrol S.A. – for their help in organizing and conducting the event.

CMM-0.6 prepared to start in Saudi Arabia

At the end of April this year, GlobeCore engineering team came to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)  to commission the CMM-0,6 unit.

This equipment cleans electrical insulating oils with ISO cleanliness class 4406 – / 18/16 up  to – / 14/12 class by multiple passes through the filter unit and removing mechanical impurities. The versatility of CMM-0,6 unit allows it to be used during installation, repair and operation of power transformers.

The equipment is assembled in a container on a single – axle trailer. A storage inventory for various accessories and tools is provided in the front of the container.

Also the unit is equipped with a TSS safety system, for safe connection to energized transformers. An operator sets the upper and lower oil levels ​​before starting work. In an event of  a fault, the TSS system disconnects the transformer from the unit.

TSS system can be used to connect different cleaning, filtration and regeneration equipment of various manufacturers to a transformer. It takes less than 5 minutes to start it operating. At customer’s request, TSS can be equipped with GSM-module, to control oil processing with the through mobile communication.

Putting equipment into operation in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore engineers visited Tallinn (Estonia), where they prepared to start CMM-4/7 unit on the trailer.

CMM-4/7 units are in demand at enterprises engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers, as well as other oil-filled equipment. This unit solves several tasks at once: it heats and vacuum treats a transformer, it also filtrates and degases insulating oil.

The processing rate of the equipment vary in different operating modes: it is 7 m3 / h in heating and filtration mode, and – 4 m3 / h in degassing mode

CMM-4/7 units of GlobeCore provide:

  • volumetric gas content below 0.1%;
  • moisture content by weight below 5 g / t;
  • ISO 4406 industrial purity class – / 14/12.

To select and purchase this degassing unit, please contact our managers at the contacts section of our site.

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

In mid-February this year, GlobeCore representatives visited Indonesia (Gresik), where they commissioned the CMM-0.6M oil purification plant.

This equipment cleans insulating oils from water and mechanical impurities. The oil is treated from cleanliness level of ISO – -/18/16 to cleanliness level of ISO – -/14/12 by multiple passes through the filter unit. A CMM-0,6M plant is  multifunctional and can be used during installation, repairs and operation of power transformers.

The important advantage of this equipment is transformer oil processing on energized transformers. The cleaning process is protected by a TSS transformer safety system by GlobeCore. An operator determines the upper and lower oil level in the tank. In emergency situation a TSS system disconnects a transformer from an oil cleaning plant.

The TSS system can be used to connect to transformer equipment for cleaning, filtration and regeneration of various manufacturers. The operator needs basic skills to connect it, and it takes less than 5 minutes. At customer’s request, TSS can be equipped with a GSM-application to work through a mobile.

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia