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GlobeCore: Oil Purifier Protects Power Transformer and Extends Its Life by 20 Years

Globecore GmbH, a German company, manufactures oil purifier which  extends power transformer service life by 20 years.

Globecore protects and saves millions of dollars of investments in power transformers. This is achieved by transformer oil purification, which can be performed on site, with the transformer energized. Old oil is reused. Transformer oil is used in power and instrument transformers, as well as oil-filled switchgear. The oil insulates energized parts of the equipment, dissipates heat and extinguishes the arc in switches.

Transformer oil is used in power and instrument transformers, as well as oil-filled switchgear. The oil insulates energized parts of the equipment, dissipates heat and extinguishes arcs in switches.

What are the hazards of transformer oil contamination?

The transformer lives as long as its insulation system. Transformer gradually accumulates oxidation products, contaminants and other impurities over time when used. Oxygen and water in the insulating fluid provokes oxidation even under ideal operating conditions. Particles originating from the construction materials of the transformer are also a problem.

The process of oxidation results in formation of acids, which act on carbon and metals, forming aldehydes, alcohols and soap metals. These substances deposit on solid insulation. Contaminants increase oil viscosity, hampering circulation and cooling.

Therefore, aging of transformer oil is a consequence of combined effects of high temperature, oxygen, and electric field in the presence of the transformer construction materials. Important operational parameters of the insulating fluid (acidity, dissipation factor and dielectric strength) are very sensitive to its aging. The higher the intensity of the process, the sooner they reach critical levels, and the oil becomes impossible to use. Using such oil is also dangerous to the transformer: the risk of failures and power outages increases significantly.

What to do with used transformer oil?

Accumulation of waste transformer oil is a serious environmental concern. Consider this: over 40% of waterways in the world are contaminated and covered with a film of waste oil. One liter of waste oil makes a million liters of groundwater unusable! Plants and animals die due to massive pollution with oil products. Besides, waste oil contains carcinogenic substances. Dumping of waste oil into the environment is entirely unacceptable. So what is the solution and how to preserve the planet for future generations?

There is a solution: restoration of transformer oil to its initial condition and reusing the oil. Beside the pronounced environmental benefits, this solution allows to save on purchasing new and disposing of used oil, as well as to extend transformer lifetime by 20 years or more. At this time, the cost of one power transformer reaches, on average, hundreds of thousand US dollars. The number can easily reach into the millions, if the costs of disassembling the oil unit, transporting and installing a new transformer are factored in.

Transformer Oil Filtration Unit Globecore CMM-12R at electricity substation.

Transformer Oil Filtration Unit Globecore CMM-12R at electricity substation.


Methods of transformer oil purification

Let us consider several techniques used in filtration of used transformer oil.

Centrifuges. These devices are large drums in sealed cases. The drum consists of a number of conical plates with orifices. Centrifuges are used for removal of moisture and solid particles. At one time centrifuges were widely used in oil processing facilities despite their limitations, such as low capacity, complex design, intensive mixing of the processed oil with air and large footprint. With time, compact mobile units for oil treatment were developed, and the number of centrifuges operated is now on decline.

Electric purification. Electric purification is based on the uneven influence of the electromagnetic field on contaminants in transformer oil, which causes the impurities to settle on electrodes. The biggest limitation of this method is the complexity of cleaning the deposits from the electrodes. Also, electric purification cannot remove water. Due to these reasons, this approach has not been widely implemented  

Adsorption. This technique involves percolation of oil through a layer of adsorbent (silica gel in most cases), loaded into a vertical cylinder. Silica gel is produced by a series of chemical reactions, making the material rather expensive. Besides, there is a problem of silica gel disposal, since oil-contaminated materials must not be released into the environment.

The alternative is purification of transformer oil with Fuller’s earth, a natural adsorbent. Due to its porous structure, this material has good adsorptive qualities and can be used both for continuous regeneration of transformer oil from dehydrating breather filters, and also for restoration of oil drained from a transformer.

Generally, Fuller’s earth must somehow be disposed of, just like silica gel. However, GlobeCore process allows to reactivate and reuse the sorbent for transformer oil purification many times over.

Transformer Oil Degassing Cart. Oil Purifier.

Transformer Oil Degassing Cart

Thermovacuum dehydration and high vacuum degassing. The GlobeCore process using heat and high vacuum ensures the best parameters of transformer oil. Operation of these units is environmentally safe and does not involve special disposal or storage.    

GlobeCore environmental solutions

For many years, GlobeCore has been developing and implementing technologies for restoration of used transformer oil.

The company has successful experience in servicing power transformers of land based and offshore wind farms. We offer a range of units specifically tailored for these purposes.

The UVM type units degas oil and remove particulate matter by a combination of heat, vacuum and filtration. This unit reduces moisture content to 5 ppm and gas content to 0.1% or less and increases dielectric strength to 70 kV.

The CMM-R oil purification plants extend transformer lifetime by restoring the dielectric strength and chemical composition of transformer oil. This equipment allows to maintenance oil directly in an energized transformer. Connecting a CMM-R to an operating transformer allows to remove sludge from the windings and extract it from the oil by the sorbent. These units are loaded with Fuller’s earth.

Adsorbent Fuller’s Earth for Industrial Oil Purifier

Adsorbent Fuller’s Earth for Industrial Oil Purifier


The GlobeCore oil purification process has the capability of continuous processing of transformer oil, saving on new oil and disposal of saturated sorbents. Fuller’s earth can be reactivated up to 300 times, the equivalent of 1.5 – 2 years of operation or purification of 1000 tons of oil.

Zeolite drying cabinet GlobeCore ZSC-15

Zeolite drying cabinet GlobeCore ZSC-15


GlobeCore also cares about environmental safety of other machines which use adsorbents. The SSZ-15 zeolite drying cabinet can pre-dry zeolite to improve adsorption and the quality of oil dehydration. The CMM-4RP, one of GlobeCore latest developments, allows reactivation of saturated sorbents used in transformer oil filtration systems. The technology can reactivate the same sorbent at least 10 times. The reactivated sorbents contain no residual oil and, if necessary, can be disposed of a regular household waste without harm to the environment.

GlobeCore CMM-4-RP unit restores waste absorbent

GlobeCore CMM-4-RP unit restores waste absorbent


Therefore, GlobeCore transformer oil filtration technologies allow to:

  • save on purchasing new and disposing of used oil;
  • significantly lower industrial load on the environment;
  • extend transformer life by at least 20 years.

In conclusion, we would like to show some numbers to emphasize the economic feasibility of used transformer oil restoration:

  • average market price of restoring one liter of transformer oil is $0.7-0.8;
  • average price of one liter of new transformer oil is $1.5-2.
Globecore Oil Purifier CMM-12R

Globecore Oil Purifier CMM-12R

About GlobeCore:

Globecore Service center in Germany. dielectric Oil purifiers

GlobeCore is a manufacturing company researching, developing and producing various oil and fluid processing systems for use in several different industries worldwide and is the developer of the Power Transformer Service Life Extension Program and the GlobeCore Oil Filtration Process for servicing oil filled electric power transformers.

Globecore Service center in USA. dielectric Oil filtration

Contact Information:

GlobeCore GmbH

Edewechter Landstraße 173, Oldenburg-Eversten, Deutschland, 26131

Oil purifier

Globecore: Transformer oil maintenance

Globecore: Transformer oil maintenance

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

During transformer oil purification, not only adsorption, but also other processes such as capillary condensation, chemisorption, flocculation, coagulation have a great impact on the final product.

Very often, so-called Fuller’s earth or Fuller’s Earth filters are used as bleaching clay.  Sorbents, applied for transformer oil reclamation,  should meet the following requirements:

(1) silic acid content in the dry product no less than 32.5%; content of calcium and magnesium no more than 2.2%;

(2) the packed density of grit is no more than 0.65 g/cm3;

(3) the acid number of waste oil should be reduced by 45% per day;

(4) the size of grit grains is 3-7 mm;

(5) no more than 5% of grit grains with the size less than 3 mm;

(6) no other impurities; and

(7) moisture content is no more than 10%;

Bleaching clays may be used both for continuous oil regeneration in transformers with a dehydrating filter breather and for the restoration of oil discharged from power equipment (contact method).

GlobeCore GmbH is one of the world leaders in industrial manufacturing. Products of GlobeCore are used in transformer oil purification and degassing, insulation oil filtration units, power transformer vacuuming.

The head office is located in Oldenburg, Germany. Our systems have been supplied to and are successfully operated in 70 countries. A network of 17 dealers supports global sales and services.

GlobeCore established representative offices in United States, and South Africa and in United Arab Emirates to extend reach and improve efficiency. We actively expand production and sales territories, develop our infrastructure and introduce new additional services.

Transformer Oil Recondition with Fuller’s Earth Equipment

GlobeCore introduces transformer oil purification units in the CMM-R line to meet the needs of companies, involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.
The CMM-R line mobile oil filtration units from GlobeCore provide for the service life extension of transformers,  circuit breakers, and other oil-filled equipment since they restore dielectric strength and chemical composition of insulating oils.

It is essential to ensure the stability and performance characteristics of transformer oil since oil is constantly deteriorating and is influenced by high temperatures, atmospheric oxygen, electrical fields, metals and solid insulation.  Over time, transformer oil turns from a dielectric insulator into a conductor at low voltages which is unacceptable for proper transformer performance.  Once the oil becomes contaminated, it can no longer fulfill its functions and, as a result, becomes unfit for further useas a dielectric insulting fluid.

It is therefore, recommended to use GlobeCore’s mobile oil purificaton stations instead of buying new oil and seeking for ways to dispose of the used oil.

In the oil filtration units, oil is passed through the special sorbent, called Fuller’s Earth that allows for “Molecular Filtration” due to its microporous structure.  Mechanical impurities and products of oil degradation are soaked up by the sorbent granules.  Once the sorbent becomes saturated, the CMM-R units automatically switche to “Sorbent Reactivation” mode where impurities are removed from the sorbent material and exhausted to the special collecting tank and carbon canister.

The CMM-R line has been proved to be very efficient in practice.  The loss tangent of the oil, processed with GlobeCore equipment, is significantly reduced and meets the rated value of the fresh product after the regeneration operations are completed.

GlobeCore equipment may be either purchased from stock, or custom-made. The in-stock mobile oil degassing stations can be bought directly from the warehouse.  GlobeCore’s final assembly facilities are located in Oldenburg, Germany.  Any customized unit will be made within 45 days.
Usually, the CMM-R units are started up and run for about a week before being shipped.  Our specialists will help you to start up the mobile oil purificaton station as well as train your staff.

Once you read this, it means that you might be:

(1) the owner or CEO of a power company.   You are tired of spending much money on recycling of waste oil and purchasing new transformer oil.  You are eager to get effective solutions that will reduce your operating costs and increase profits;

(2)  you are a manager of procurment department.  You have to please the directors by finding the best deals or establishing and keeping trust relationships with suppliers.  In this regard, GlobeCore has the best solution for you:  After many years of doing business, our company has established both corporate and personal relationships with our customers;

(3) you are an engineer that services oil-filled equipment.  After having performed an oil analysis, you have determined that the performance characteristics of the transformer are below the acceptable standards, but you still want to ensure the continued smooth operation of your equipment.  Then you need to purchase one or more of the GlobeCore CMM-R mobile oil stations.  We provide maintenance services, have a warehouse of spare parts and we are always ready to help you.

Let’s check whether you need a GlobeCore mobile oil purificaton station:

  • You want to solve the problem of used oil disposal;
  • You want to save costs on purchasing new transformer oil; and
  • You want the quality of reclaimed transformer oil to comply with  recognized rules and regulations and to serve equipment for much longer than one year.

If you agree with the statements listed above then you are on the right path to the GlobeCore Servoce Life Extention Program utilizing the GlobeCore Process!

The GlobeCore CMM-R mobile oil recondition unit will help you to solve your long term preventive maintenance problems.  The following is the list of the benefits of the GlobeCore mobile oil units:

(1) They come in different design versions: general industry frame (European standards), containerized, mounted on a trailer (two or three-axle trailer), with several different optional arrangements of doors;

(2) may be equipped with an operator’s workstation to meet the customer’s needs;

(3) can be fitted with  (I) additional devices to monitor the oil level in the transformer, (II) generator to provide autonomous operation, (III) inhibition block to add special additives to transformer oil after regeneration.

(4) short delivery terms;

(5) competitive price;

(6) possibility to be trained  by a skilled engineer before purchasing the equipment and during its maintenance.

(7) constituent parts by leading world manufacturers;

(8) the characteristics of reclaimed oil fully comply with the recognized international standards and regulations;

(9) no used oil storage;

(10) cost saving;

(11) low energy consumption;

(12) automated technological processes; and

(13) optional sound and heat insulation;

Reading all this information, you may have the following questions:

(1) For how many years is it possible to extend the service life of transformers by applying the GlobeCore Process to my oil filled electrical  equipment?

The CMM-R units allow equipment owners to extend the service life of a typical transformer between 20 to 35 years.

(2) Do I need to pump out oil from the transformer before regeneration?

No, it is not necessary.  One of the primary benefits of the CMM-R units is that oil processing may be performed on the energized transformer.

(3) Why do I need to use your equipment if I can use the old transformer oil in other units that need lower performance characteristics of dielectric fluid?

Sure, you can, but it won’t solve the problem of its disposal.

(4) Is it possible to use another sorbent instead of Fuller’s Earth?

Yes, it is. The GlobeCore’s CMM-R units successfully operate using other sorbents.  But, Fuller’s earth can be reactivated during transformer oil processing so there is no need to unload and reload sorbent during the processing job.

(5) How long will the Fuller’s Earth last? 

About 300 cycles which is equal to between 1.5 to 3 years of operation depending on the amount of oil process and the overall amount of contamination.  Additionally, regeneration of oil, performed on the GlobeCore’s units allow for loss tangent reduction.

(6) And what about the acid number? 

The acid number is also reduced to the specific values.  The values of these and other performance characteristics of transformer oil before and after regeneration are defined in the table below.

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Fuller’s Earth From Clay; A Type of Ceramic Art

purification oil recipe

Purification oil recipe

Purification oil recipe

Clay; More than Just Art!

It has been a long time since man began to use clay for folk art and the creation of art objects.  All possible images that were originated in the minds of ancient people and continue to appear in modern enlightened minds, can be turned into reality and get their shape with the help of waxy clay.  But, imagination and centuries of experience teaches us to have a broader outlook of the world.  It is safe to say therefore, Clay is not just for art anymore!

At one time, clay was a material generally used only for crockery, amphorae and sculptures.  Today however, clay is quite widely used in cosmetology, medicine, household chemicals, industry and a whole host of other uses.

It is no longer a secret that the chemical composition of different elements, that originated from the Earth’s interior, has had different affects on their characteristics and abilities.  As for clay, its “recipe” is also quite different.  Thus, there are many different ways that clay can be used in our modern world.

Clay and Industrial Uses

Industrial enterprises in various fields are the main consumers of all inventions and innovations connected with chemical and technological transformations.  Clay has many components and one of them is known as “Fuller’s Earth.”  In the scientific community, it is known as an “adsorbent.”  This earthy material mainly consists of a clay mineral that is considered not too waxy.  Fuller’s Earth therefore, is used as an adsorbent material that filters and purifies by attracting and holding contaminates on its outer molecular structure.

The Fuller’s Earth adsorbent material got its name from the original application in which it was used for the removal of oil from textile materials.  Later, Fuller’s Earth became very popular for the filtration of vegetable and mineral oils.  Its versatility and flexibility gave the the Fuller’s Earth adsorbent material many advantages in the oil purification industry.

“Oil Regeneration” machines, that utilize the Fuller’s Earth adsorbent materials, have become the most efficient and cost effective machines for the recovery of waste industrial oils available in the industry today.

One “Fuller’s Earth” regeneration cycle fully restores the oil back to its original characteristics.  After the Fuller’s Earth has regenerated and restored the used oil back to like new condition, it can then be reactivated and ready to purify oil again and again.  Thus, these machines definitely can be classified as modern industrial “works of art.”  So, clay continues to serve man in both form and now function.

GlobeCore now offers Oil Regeneration equipment featuring the clay based Fuller’s Earth Adsorbent material that is the best and most cost effective oil purification method in the industry today.  The GlobeCore Process not only purifies and regenerates oil and hydraulic fluids utilizing Fuller’s Earth, it reuses the adsorbent materials based upon an automatic adsorbent reactivation system built in to the regeneration equipment.  The GlobeCore machines can continuously purify oil without having to change and dispose of the adsorbent materials.  This industry leading breakthrough makes the process of regenerating oil products clean, efficient, and most of all, very cost effective.  The Environment Loves the GlobeCore Process and you will too!  GlobeCore, using Clay for a cleaner environment.

Its time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!

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Minerals and Their Useful Properties: The Fuller’s Earth Component

Today, all 78 chemical elements contained in the Earth’s crust are used in industry.  Each of them, in one way or another, is engaged in different industries and certainly have become the part of everyday life in the modern world.  But, it is not always obvious.  Probably in most cases we do not even see or understand exactly what these elements are and what they are used for.  But, they are all around us in many different products and services we use everyday.  Moreover, every kind of chemical element can be used in several ways and in many different applications.

Nowadays, businessmen are always looking for ways to reduce expenses and save precious resources.  The problems of environmental pollution and depletion of mineral resources in the available areas of extraction can greatly change the conventional technological decisions concerning production and the ability to turn a profit.

One of the most widely used petroleum products is industrial oil of which there are many different types for many different uses.  Transformer Oil, with its dielectric properties, is an available and reliable means of liquid insulation, cooling medium, and dielectric protection for electric power transformers, power turbines, and industrial grade hydraulic equipment.

Due to the relatively long service life of industrial oil, the industry has not been looking for an alternative that would serve the same purpose as industrial oil.  Industrial oils can last between three to ten years before replacement or replenishing of antioxidant additives becomes necessary.  Quality industrial oil can support continuous, undisturbed operation and protection of industrial systems for long periods of time.  Additionally,  industrial oil is a cost effective and a highly accessible resource.   During the service life of the oil, it normally does not have an aggressive effect on the local ecology and does not produce exhaust gases or emissions that can pollute the environment.

There is however, an environmental problem that may be posed by the creation of industrial waste oils.  And this problem has become the center of discussions that include: (1) monetary fines for environmental pollution; (2) complete replacement of the waste oil in engines and systems; (3) reduction of costs for the purchase, delivery, and filling of  new oil; and (4) avoidance of “unauthorized” violations in the operation of industrial oil-filled equipment.

The decision of whether or not to replace industrial waste oil, should be based on the availability of various complex systems for filtration, degassing, and regeneration based on the different adsorbent materials such as Fuller’s Earth.

Recent industry research has revealed that the most effective oil processing result is one that employs a machine that is capable of regenerating oil in a single-pass through the filtering system.  The oil should be restored to like new condition.  Additionally, the filtering system should be able to process large amounts of oil or fluid continuously without having to replace the sorbent materials.  The sorbent materials should be renewable and be capable of continued use for hundreds of oil/fluid regeneration cycles.  In choosing a system, we look for efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental protection.

The “Fuller’s Earth” adsorbent is clearly accepted as the most popular material for the regeneration of industrial oils all over the world and when employed in the GlobeCore line of equipment, meets all three of the most important considerations in choosing an oil processing system.

Fuller’s Earth is a highly active clay product with clearly defined absorptive properties.  It is also famous for its mineral structure.  Fuller’s Earth consists mainly of hydrated aluminum silicates that contain metalions such as magnesium, sodium and calcium.  Montmorillonite is the basic clay mineral in the Fuller’s Earth component structure.  The availability and correlation of other minerals, such as kaolin, attapulgite and palygorskit, depend on changes of the chemical structure.  Fuller’s Earth resembles clay however, and it has a fine-grained structure.  It also has a high water content and it does not have natural clay ductility.

Deposits of this kind of clay are found all over the world.  The range of its application is rather wide and varies from industrial fields to medicine and cosmetology.

Fuller’s Earth sorbent materials, which are used for the purification of mineral and vegetable oils and fats, became indispensable in the field of oil regeneration in the beginning of the previous century.

Owing to the latest developments, machines for oil regeneration and purification are now produced with complex systems that fully use the properties of Fuller’s Earth for purifying industrial oils and fluids.

The complex approach lies in such way that the equipment’s contaminated dielectric oil is exposed to different procedures and filtering degrees that include the adsorption process performed by the Fuller’s Earth sorbent materials.

The main benefit to the use of Fuller’s Earth can be found in its ability to regenerate industrial oil and fluids in a environmentally safe and cost effective manner.  GlobeCore has developed a process that regenerates oils and fluids with Fuller’s Earth and reuses the sorbent materials for up to 300 regeneration cycles.

The GlobeCore Process saves time, money, and the environment.  The used oil is restored to new like condition and the Fuller’s Earth sorbent is also saved and reused.  The restoration of the used oil saves huge amounts of time and money and since neither the used oil nor sorbent must disposed of, the process is environmentally friendly.  In fact, the GlobeCore Process is the most cost effective and environmentally sound process in the world today.

The Environment loves the GlobeCore Process and you will too!

Its time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!

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