Clean Marine Has a New Solution to a Problem of Transformer Oil Processing on the Offshore Drilling Platforms

On July, 5  2015 the GlobeCore Clean Marine  Unit (capacity 4m3/h) was commissioned on the offshore drilling platform, in 250 km from the seacoast of Nigeria. In today’s modern world, offshore drilling is one of the major ways to extract oil and gas.  The existing deposits are becoming depleted and require new deep-water deposits to be explored and developed.  This task is solved by utilizing offshore drilling platforms that require electrical power for its proper operation. GlobeCore‘s Clean Marine Unit is designed to vacuumize offshore power transformers as well as purify insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water, gasses.  This piece of equipment meets all the requirements for the offshore drilling, so it may be serviced at complicated and remote sites and under severe conditions. Clean Marine Units are compact in size, protected from moisture ingress and explosion proof.  Clean Marine Equipment may be operated in the following modes such as (1) transformer’s heating; (2) oil’s degassing; and (3) transformer’s vacuumizing. GlobeCore’s Clean Marine Equipment restores oil’s performance characteristics, extends it service life and increases the reliability of power transformers. The following are selected photos from the commissioning:






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