Cleaning of Waste Oil: is it Myth or Reality ???

In the vastness of Internet repeatedly appear similar questions and answers to them. In most cases, they are about engine oil and its cleaning in home conditions. Energy oils are turbine, electrical and compressor oils. National and international standards impose basic requirements and specifications on transformer oils Long-term research into the practice of dealing with technical liquids, showed an urgent need for pre-cleaning before use, as well as during operation. Supply of fresh oil is not a guarantee of high level of purity, required for use in technical systems and engines. That is why a buyer himself deals with the problem of cleaning delivered oil from incidental impurities, water and gas and a further upgrade of used oil. Moisture in oil mixtures accelerates the process of aging. As a result, oil oxidizes, depletes, hydrolysis occurs, strength of lubricating film reduces, corrosion appears on the inside of engine and damages the parts. The main criterion of quality of transformer oil, which is prepared for use in power equipment, is its breakdown voltage. A long operation reduces the level due to the ingress of water, small particles or impurities and dissolved gases from the air. Therefore, before being used transformer oils are subjected to deep thermal vacuum treatment (vacuum “drying”), degassing and fine filtration. Filtration equipment by GlobeCore carries out complex or separate cleaning of oil on a variety of plants that are designed to highest international standards. Furthermore, it is necessary to underline the versatility and mobility of installations for oil filtration, and a variety of methods and systems used. Among the latest designs, in high demand are:
  1. Hot air drying unit Mojave Heat – adsorbent regeneration for compressed air cleaning from dust and mechanical impurities and removing residual moisture after the compressor
  2. Mobile oil filtration plant CMM 0,16A intended for mechanical purification and drying under vacuum
  3. Transformer oil purification plant CMM – 0.6 V used for cleaning from mechanical impurities and thermal vacuum purification from water and gas in lubricating and insulating oils
  4. Mobile transformer oil purification plant CMM – 4 uses a “filter-activator” for increased stability of processing oil.
  5. Transformer oil purification plant CMM-2,2 designed to clean fluids (oil, coolant, hydraulic fluids for hydraulic machinery and equipment, diesel) from mechanical impurities, and not dissolved water
  6. Zeolite oil drying unit MCU with a block of sorbent cartridges designed to remove water and reduce acidity
Based of this short list of GlobeCore equipment it is easy to see a potential for individual customers to choose from a variety of the equipment to match the goals of their enterprise and the industry in which they operates. A full cycle of filtration improves the quality of oils, cleans it from impurities and particles that can affect the performance of engines, increases productivity and provides assurance on condition of equipment.

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