CMM-T Turbine Oil Purification Unit

Implementation of modern processes, improving reliability and efficiency of power plant machinery are all very important in keeping plants running without interuption.  Even rare occasions of generation equipment malfunction can be quite costly to the operator.  Failure of one or more power units may bring a power generation company to the brink of insolvency. At this time, a large amount of power generation equipment is in the final stages of its useful service life.  Under the current conditions, there seems to be only one solution to increase the reliability of aging generation equipment.  The solution must include a broad range of economically viable measures that include:
  • reduction of fresh oil consumption;
  • extension of oil and equipment service life; and
  • general improvement of the reliability of the turbine assembly.
Solving the problem of reliability and longevity of generation equipment is impossible without a serious approach to improvement of turbine oil purification.  GlobeCore therefore, has developed and manufactures the mobile CMM-T line of units for comprehensive purification of turbine oils with viscosity less than 280 sSt at 50ºС. СММ-4ТThe oil is purified by passing through special filters, heating and vacuum. After treatment in the GlobeCore CMM-T unit, the moisture content in the turbine oil is reduced to less than 10 ppm, while filtration fineness is 5 microns or lower. The GlobeCore CMM-T units have the following advantages:
  • versatility (operation in one of three modes, (1)filtration and heating of oil, (2) filtration, and (3) drying and degassing of oil as well as vacuumizing external equipment);
  • the ability to purify turbine oil in one cycle;
  • extension of turbine oil service life;
  • various design options: stationary (containerized, framed, tented) and mobile (on castor wheels, on a trailer); and
  • simple operation and servicing.
The GlobeCore process not only increases the service life of turbine oil, but also reduces the need for purchasing of new oil.  The footprint of storage facilities needed to store new new oil and waste oil products is reduced as well as providing a benefit to the environment.

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