Collaboration with Polish Transformer Producers has been Renewed

At the end of 2014,  GlоbeCоre renewed its collaboration with Polish tranformer producers by selling them the new GlobeCore CMM-10A units.   This newy developed equipment is designed for vacuumizing of transformers, as well as for removing mechanical impurities, water and gases from dielectric insulating oils.  The GlоbeCоre Oil Purification Unit CMM-10A units can be used at enterprises which are engaged in mounting, repairing and servicing of  high voltage oil filled equipment. The CMM-10A units operate in such modes as: (1) Transformer warm up; (2) Oil degassification; and (3) Transformer’s vaccumizing. Oil processed on such equipment meets the following standards: (1) Volumetric gas content – no more than 0.1%; (2) mass moisture content – no more than 5 g/t; (3) ISO 4406 purity class 9.

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