Dielectric Oil Filtration

Dielectric oil serves as insulating material and cooling medium in transformers, oil circuit breakers, etc.

In operation oil is in constant contact with substances and elements of electrical equipment. This constant contact with metals accelerates oil’s oxidation process.   The most oxidation causes copper and its alloys. Also metal surfaces corroding accelerate oil oxidation further.

Exposure to high temperatures overheats transformer, leads to decomposition of oil resulting in sludge formation.  With temperature increasing – corrosion of metals increases too. The speed of corrosion depends on chemical composition of oil, moisture and oxygen.

With temperature rising proportionally giving off gases in oil, that also negatively affects the physicochemical properties of dielectric fluid. With time oil loses its dielectric strength. If appropriate measures are not taken – oil acquires black color.

Insulation of all kinds affects oil negatively. Sealing rubber has a similar effect.

Influence of electric fields has a negative impact on oil.  With increase of temperature electric fields intensify. A simultaneous impact of temperature and electric field leads to more intensive oil aging and increase the amount of sludge.

It is necessary to regularly monitor transformer oil and carry out filtration in order to avoid negative consequences like emergency situations as well as failures of costly electrical equipment.

GlobeCore manufactures and supplies equipment for purification of transformer, industrial, turbine and other types of oils.  GlobeCore oil recycling plants are convenient, practical and functional. Their operation is not accompanied by harmful emissions into atmosphere.  In addition, they consume minimal power, helping to save on expenses.


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