Dielectric Oil Purification Plant

Dielectric Oil Purification Plant . Tansformer oil purification plant

Dielectric oil is used in transformers and oil-filled devices for isolation and cooling (heat reduction).

The insulating properties of dielectric oils are characterized by the following set of parameters:

  • electric strength;
  • acidity index;
  • content of water soluble acids  and caustics;
  • content of mechanical impurities;
  • flash temperature;
  • dielectric loss factor.

All these parameters are strictly regulated, and with any deviations from the norm makes oil  defective for use.

Dielectric Oil Purification Plant . Tansformer oil purification plant

Dielectric Oil Purification Plant . Tansformer oil purification plant

During operation dielectric oil loses its insulating characteristics, it ages. It is caused by dirt, moisture, air, high temperature, sunlight, presence of oil-soluble metal salts acting as oxidation process catalysts also stimulating oxidation.

Viscosity is one of the most important features of dielectric oil.  It decreases when temperature goes up and increases when it the temperature drops.  If viscosity is too high, it leads to deterioration of the cooling system of mechanisms.

In the presence of electric field the quantity of moisture in oil is significantly higher than without electric field.  Particles of water and contaminants localize along field lines of the electric field.  This dramatically reduces electric strength of oil.

Centrifugation and filtration are used for oil purification from water and mechanical impurities.  They are more effective – combined.  And more often they are used for treatment of dielectric oil in 110 kV voltage transformers. Higher quality oil is used for 220 kV voltage transformers.  This requirement relates to gas content primarily, demanding oil drying, filtration and degassing processes.

GlobeCore is one of the leading world manufacturers of purification equipment for dielectric, turbine, industrial and other types of oils.  GlobeCore mobile oil stations combine both classical and innovative approaches purifying oils containing water and gases, and mechanical impurities.  After being processed, the oil conforms to the high standard and can be used for its intended purpose.

GlobeCore successfully provides equipment for more than 70 countries around the world; being easy to operate, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.


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