Fyrquel Fireproof Liquid: General Characteristics and Purification Methods

Purification of Fyrquel

Purification of Fyrquel. Fyrquel synthetic fireproof liquid is based on phosphoric acid esters, which make it fireproof. This is very important when the material is used in critical conditions, such as:

  • gas turbine lubrication systems;
  • steam turbine electrohydraulic control systems.
  • hydraulic systems of furnaces for aluminum and steel melting;
  • air compressors.

Fireproof liquids reduce the risk of fire which exists with mineral oil

Fyrquel manufacturer states that self-extinguishing and fire resistance of this liquid does not depend on additives and replacements.

Some of the advantages of this product are:

  • protection of equipment against valve erosion;
  • good lubricating properties;
  • stability in long-term operation;
  • low chlorine content;
  • compatibility with all metals in terms of corrosion stability.

If stored correctly, the product’s storage life is five years or more.

Purification of Fyrquel fire resistant liquid

Despite its advantages over mineral oil, Fyrquel is also prone to water and particulate matter contamination. Excessive moisture can cause clouding of the liquid and its premature aging. The biggest danger is that it is impossible to detect aging visually, a special analysis is required. Therefore it is important to keep the liquid clean throughout its operation.

GlobeCore offers its CMM filtration units for this purpose. This equipment can work not only with mineral oil, but also with other cooling and lubricating liquids, including Fyrquel. Thanks to their mobility, the CMM units can be used for purification of oil on site. One cycle of processing is enough to:

  1. significantly increase life time;
  2. improve the reliability of operation of turbines, compressors and other equipment where the liquid is used;
  3. reduce the cost of purchasing new cooling and lubricating liquids.


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