GlobeCore Discusses Cable Oil Processing Plants

GlobeCore has always focused on product development and improvement to benefit the oil purification industry.  This effort requires that GlobeCore engineers and managers attend and participate in various events such as seminars, lectures by industry professionals, practical sessions and performing extensive research and development of the most up to date products and procedures. Anatoliy Bartiev, a GlobeCore electrical engineer, presented his lecture on cable oil processing in January 2014: The type of oil is used in cables is designed for 110, 150 and 500 kV.  The cable oil functions as a dielectric and as a heat transfer medium. Special equipment is used for preparing the cable oil prior to being placed which into pressure tanks.  The oil must comply with very high standards with regards to gas content, moisture content, and solid particle content.  The purity standards for cable oil is actually significantly higher than the quality of the insulating oil used in electric power transformers. Presence of air bubbles in cable oil for instance, may lead to cable failure, causing high costs to restore the entire cable line. The application of special equipment made by GlobeCore for processing of cable oils guarantees flawless operation of electrical systems and saves on unscheduled repairs.  GlobeCore oil purification systems ensure clean oil is placed into your equipment so that it will operate trouble free providing an extended service life for your equipment.

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