GlobeCore German Office Holds the Annual Seminar for Cleaning And Regeneration of Oil

In April this year, GlobeCore organized and held yet another seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oils.

The event was held in Germany (Oldenburg), and was attended by representatives of the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Belgium. The seminar focused on the practical issues of processing various oils (transformer, turbine, industrial etc) and especially on the capabilities of the GlobeCore equipment in performing such tasks. During the seminar there was a demonstration of a laboratory UVR unit, restoring the properties of waste oil.

Note that the seminars are a part of the training program at the International Training Centre set up by GlobeCore head office in Oldenburg. Anyone can take a course in operating GlobeCore equipment.

If you are interested in the issues of oil processing or want to learn how to operate the GlobeCore equipment, you can submit an application by contacting our managers at contacts.


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