GlobeCore turbine oil purification equipment

GlobeCore turbine oil purification equipment

Turbine oils are used for lubrication and cooling of various turbine generator bearings in hydro, steam and gas turbines and in turbine compressors. Oil of this type can also perform as hydraulic fluid to regulate turbine systems and be used in various circulation and hydraulic industrial systems.

What is aging of turbine oil?

During use, hydrocarbons come in contact with atmospheric oxygen. The oxidation processes are accelerated by presence of solved water, particles of metal as well as high temperatures. Due to this, turbine oil undergoes chemical and physical changes, referred to as aging.

The process may occur in different manner, and its course depends on the type of oil used and the configuration of the system. However, contamination of turbine oil is a significant factor of aging in all cases.

Problems related to low quality of the turbine oil

Among the typical problems arising due to the use of low quality turbine oil, there are the following:

  • valve jamming and failure. Various sediments accumulate in gaps and surfaces of the valves. With time, the gaps close: some sticking occurs with the prospect of complete jamming;
  • premature bearing wear. Appearance of sediment on the moving surface of the bearing increases friction and wear. For turbines, this is not a critical factor, since it does not cause malfunction or failure. But this factor does increase the frequency of bearing change, incurring costs. If a bearing is contaminated with solid particles, a severe turbine failure may result;
  • clogging of inline filters. Accumulation of oxidation products in turbine oil causes formation of sludge. Any disturbance in the oil tank may cause filter clogging. Valves stop operating and the turbine stops.

GlobeCore turbine oil purification equipment can help

To prevent the undesirable consequences, used turbine oil should be removed and purified at the early stages of contamination. This process extends oil service life, and also significantly reduces the costs of repairs in maintenance of turbine systems.

The CMM -1,2Т unit by GlobeCore has been developed specifically for complete purification of turbine oil with viscosity less than 280 cSt at 50 ºС.

СММ-1,2Т principles of operation

The СММ-1,2Т units operate on the principles of filtration and vacuum heat purification of turbine oil. Depending on the task at hand, the unit may be used in the following modes:

  • oil heating and filtration (online, without used oil removal);
  • filtration, drying and degassing of oil.

turbine oil purification

GlobeCore product advantages

The СММ-1,2Т possess the following advantages:

  • mobility for purification of turbine oil on site (instead of used oil removal and utilization);
  • significant extension of turbine oil service life;
  • reduction of costs associated with purchasing new oil, turbine maintenance and repair;
  • simple operation and servicing;
  • complete processing of oil: removal of water, gas and particulate matter.

СММ-1.2Т specifications



1 Capacity, m3/hour:



Max oil outlet temperature in heating mode, °С

Parameters of processed oil



— weight moisture content, g/t not more than

— filtration, µm

— particulate matter content, g/t, not more than






— at vacuum pump

- 0,8

  — in vacuum chamber

- 0,7

5 System pressure, bar, max


6 Oil output head relative to inlet, m


7 Inlet pressure, MPa, max


8 Oil heater power, kW


9 Mean surface power of the oil heater, W/cm2, max


10 Nominal power, kW


11 Three phase power supply voltage at 50Hz, V 380

Dimensions, mm max

— length

— width

— height




13 Weight, kg max 630

Production time

Stock models can be purchased directly from the factory’s warehouse. Custom designed equipment manufacturing time is 45 work days.


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