Guests from Switzerland Visited GlobeCore Production in Oldenburg

In early February, the company GlobeCore hosted guests from Switzerland. Director and chief engineer of  Swiss company visited GlobeCore production in Oldenburg, where they viewed  a number of facilities intended for purification and recovery of mineral oils. Their attention attracted UVR model CMM and CMM-R. Traditionally, there was a demonstration of equipment features on the example of a laboratory version of UVR installation. The huge interest of Switzerland representatives caused a reactivation of  sorbent technology. For absorbing  of oil aging products in CMM-R is used a special substance – fuller’s earth. This sorbent after saturation does not require disposal and is reactivated directly in the regeneration equipment. This allows a non stop work of the installation without pause to search for replacement of  fuller’s earth. The technology distinguishes GlobeCore regeneration installations from existing analogues. Theoretically, sorbent lasts for  300 reactivations, an equivalent of 2-3 years of operation. Guests from Switzerland were pleased with what they saw and expressed a desire to visit the production GlobeCore again to discuss the prospects for further cooperation.




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