Industrial oil purification machine: willing and able!

Transformer oil purification machine include a large group of oil products used for luberiction of friction parts. Industrial oil performance depends on their composition and additives for certain properties of the product. Industrial oils are usually made of oil fractions boiling at temperautre above 350ºC. They consists of high molecular oil compounds, which are a mix of various hydrocarbon groups and their derivatives. There are approximately 100 types of industrial oil in existence today. Of these,  46.6% are used in hydraulic systems, and 41% are used in gear and screw drives, as well as in heavy duty industrial components. Modern industrial oils should comply with certain requirements, such as:
  • increased stability;
  • improved wear resistance, protection and air removal;
  • compatibility with hydraulic system materials;
  • filtration ability;
  • de-emulsification ability.

Industrial oil contamination

In the course of transportation storage and operation, industrial oil accumulate contaminants which degrade the performance of the oils. The most widely spread contaminant is particulate matter (particles of metal, rubber from gaskets, plastic), formed due to the friction of the lubricated surfaces. With time, the oils accumulate oxidation products, which can take the form of colloids or solved substances. Foreign substances in the oil changes the oil’s properties, and it ceases to function efficiently. The risk of failures and down time increases significantly. Removal of contaminants from industrial oil extends service life not only of the oil, but also of the parts lubricated by the oil.

Primary and secondary oil filtration of industrial oil

Filtration refers to removal of suspended particles to protect equipment and extend its service life. Primary and secondary filtration are used. Primary filtration is used to protect the equipment, and is mostly performed by the manufacturers of the original equipment. This is usually performed by a valve, through which all of the oil flow passes. It should be noted that this only allows to remove larger particles (25 micron or larger). Such filtration is also referred to as coarse filtration, since its purpose is not so much to maintain high purity of the product, but to prevent damage to the lubricated part by the particles. The logic is such: somewhat contaminated oil is better than no oil at all.. The main purpose of secondary filtration is to increase the service life of industrial oil by purifying it. This approach not only improves the oil, but also takes care of the equipment where the oil is used.

GlobeCore’s secondary oil filtration

GlobeCore is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial, transformer, turbine and other oil purification equipment. The CFU secondary filtration units allow to remove particulate matter, such as ash, free and some solved water, water-soluble acids and alikali from the oil. The product is compact and mobile, making it possible to use the equipment directly where the oil product is. One pass through the machine ensures the required degree of purification. Simplicity of design makes it easy in operation.
CMM-1.7CF transformer  oil purification machine

oil purification machine

Practice shows that if the industial oil quality is not controlled, the oil must be changed during each maintenance cycle. In this case, at least 70% of the oil is changed because of contamination, not because it has reached the end of its service life. GlobeCore’s secondary purification makes this oil reusable. Knowing the amount of used industrial oil, calculating potential economy and profit is simple. Oil purification machine of industrial oil is not only possible, but highly valuable as well!

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