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GlobeCore’s Invitation to IEEE PES T&D 2020

GlobeCore would like to invite all our partners to attend IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2020), to be held on 20-23 April in Chicago. IEEE PES T&D is one of the most prominent forums in the energy industry.  This year, IEEE PES T&D expects over 14000 visitors to discuss industry trendsRead More

GlobeCore extends invitation to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition-2019

GlobeCore invites all businesses and parties interested in the implementation of innovative technologies to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition. This event is biannual, and this year will be hosted by Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky on 1-3 October. The exhibition focuses, among other things, on electric power transmission and distribution, wastewater treatment, naturalRead More

GlobeCore Invitation to Transformador LatAm 360

Transformador LatAm 360 symposium, dedicated to transformer lifecycle, will be held in Panama on 10-13 September this year. The four day event will include presentations from the leading companies in the industry of transformer servicing and lifetime extension: SDMyers, Megger, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Omicron, GlobeCore, Qualitrol and Transformer Clinic. The presented information will help improve transformerRead More

GlobeCore to Hold a Seminar in Angola

GlobeCore continues with the policy of holding seminars on electrical insulation oil treatment and transformer lifetime extension around the world. The next seminar is planned for the 27 June in Luanda (Angola). We invite all representatives from the electric power industry in Africa and elsewhere to visit the event. The seminar will provide up toRead More

GlobeCore at China International Electric Power Exhibition-2019

GlobeCore representatives took part in the 19th China International Electric Power & Electric Engineering and Smart Grid Exhibition in Shanghai on 21-22 April. Here is a brief photo report from the conference.

GlobeCore Extends Invitation to Visit AWEA WindPower-2019 in Houston

GlobeCore would like to invite everyone involved in the alternative energy market to visit one of the main events in industry: AWEA WindPower-2019, which will be held 20-23 May 2019 in Houston, USA. The conference will focus on important issues and topics of interest in the wind power generation industry. At the event, GlobeCore GmbHRead More

Commissioning of GlobeCore Equipment in Bangladesh

GlobeCore equipment was commissioned in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the first quarter of this year. One of the local electric power companies purchased a CMM-4 and a CMM-6 units to service their power transformers. This type of equipment is well suited for such tasks as: 1) removal of particulate matter, water and gas from transformer oil;Read More

A New Solution for Water-Contaminated Oil Purification

GlobeCore is proud to present yet another product in our range: the CMM-1CF unit. The СММ-1CF has been developed to address the issue of processing turbine, industrial and transformer oil with severe water contamination (50% and above). The unit can also work with diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene and other petrochemical liquids. The СММ-1CF operates onRead More

Ongoing Cooperation With Electric Power Industry of Malaysia

Only recently (in January), GlobeCore presented and commissioned equipment in Malaysia. Several weeks later, new products were commissioned. Seven CMM-4/7 units began operation in several Malaysian cities on 19 March – 8 April. This product enjoys high demand due to its versatility. The СММ-4/7 are instrumental in several operations important for transformer installation, repairs andRead More

Modern Electric Energy Industry Solutions Presented in Oldenburg

On 12-13 March 2018, GlobeCore hold a presentation of the modern solutions for the electric energy industry (oil processing, transformer and wind turbine servicing) in Oldenburg in cooperation with Maschinenfabrick Reinhausen GmbH and Seifert Transformatorentechnik. The presentation was attended by representatives of 14 companies from 6 countries (Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy, UAE and Nigeria).Read More

GlobeCore has organized and conducted a seminar in the USA

March 2-3, 2018 in Houston, GlobeCore held a seminar for representatives of the Texas electric power industry. During the seminar were discussed the issues of aging processes in electrical insulating oils influencing the efficiency of power transformers, including a report on the topic “Purification and regeneration of transformer oils with GlobeCore equipment”. The practical partRead More

Presentation of GlobeCore equipment in Oldenburg

March 5, 2018 a regular presentation of oil purification and regeneration equipment was held in the International Training Center of GlobeCore (Oldenburg, Germany). This time the event was attended by representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and their partners from Qatar. First of all, the guests were interested in the possibilities of GlobeCore equipment for processingRead More

GlobeCore in the press : “Wind Systems” magazine

The second issue from February 2018 of the leading magazine in wind energy “Wind Systems” Magazine, published a Frank May article, entitled “Changing Turbine Gearbox Oil”. The articles discusses the main points to pay attention to when servicing the gearboxes of wind turbines and, in particular, the oil change. It shows the advantages of theRead More

A productive visit to Malaysia

January, 20 – 26th an equipment commissioning team of our company visited Malaysia (Kuala-Lumpur). The visit provided for the commissioning and start-up of the CMM-4/7 oil treatment station, as well as a presentation of equipment for representatives of the electricity industry in Malaysia. Both tasks were successfully completed. The CMM-4/7 is actively used by companiesRead More

Commissioning in the USA

In the end of December 2017, GlobeCore specialists visited the United States, commissioning a CMM-10TS unit in a suburb of Chicago. This unit is different from our stock products, since it was built to employ heat and vacuum to remove water from highly viscous industrial oil. During the commissioning, the unit was able to removeRead More

Participation in IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

The 2018 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition isn’t just the industry’s signature show — it’s an all-encompassing, immersive and global conference experience like no other. Here you’ll join top utility CEOs and some of the world’s brightest engineers in discovering the latest T&D products, ideas and innovations leading the industry forward toRead More

Participation in AWEA Wind power conference and exhibition

Professionals from all over the world attend to network, learn, advance their organizational mission and to participate in the largest wind energy exhibition in the Western Hemisphere. More major product announcements and exciting releases happen here, than at any other wind energy industry event. GlobeCore and GC Technologies will also have a booth inRead More

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Texas

In our constant effort to provide a superior product with exceptional service, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new sales office and service center, complete with technicians and inventory, in the USA.  Our new dealer, Dave Wilson, with GC Technologies, at 1110 Paige St, Houston, Texas 77003, 713-699-3388,, 713-202-7983 (cell) isRead More

GlobeCore participated in the largest electrical industry exhibition in Latin America

November 29 to December 1, GlobeCore promoted its equipment at one of the largest electrical industry exhibitions in Latin America – Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico 2017. This event was held in Medellin, Colombia and gathered over 300 participants and 10,000 guests who visited the exhibition pavilions in three days. The GlobeCore exhibition stand displayedRead More

GlobeCore Representative Visits the Philippines

Oil refinery specialists from the Philippines had an opportunity to learn about oil regeneration and purification equipment by GlobeCore, its design and operation. GlobeCore’s Frank May visited five cities in the Philippines on Devember 4 to 7 (Bulacan, Marilao, Valenzuela, Cabuyao and Consolacion), where he presented oil purification equipment made by GlobeCore and its capabilities,Read More

GlobeCore Equipment Presentation in Qatar

Qatar becomes yet another country which hosts GlobeCore industrial oil purification and regeneration equipment presentation. On 21 November, our employees, with the assistance of Al Dana Switchgear (A Subsidiary of AALCO Group) performed a seminar to familiarize Qatar electrical power providers with GlobeCore’s developments in power transformer servicing. Also were present the representatives of AlRead More

Costa Rica Globecore GlobeCore Opens a New Service Center in Costa-Rica

Dear friends! We are happy to announce that a new service center commenced operations in Costa-Rica in November 2017. This service center will assist our clients throughout the Latin America. A stock of spare parts will be made available to the clients. It is also possible to visit the new service center to purify andRead More

We invite you to participate in the seminar (Costa Rica)

GlobeCore GmbH invites specialists of the power industry and everyone interested in innovations in electrical power industry to take part in our seminar on “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”. The event will take place in San José (Costa Rica) on May 10 at Contiguo a Plaza Villa Columbus. The program of the seminar coversRead More

Purification of silicone oil on СММ-2,2 unit in Italy

September 17, GlobeCore engineering team started up the CMM-2,2 oil purification unit in Foligno (Umbria region), Italy. The unit’s tests were carried out on site of a large Italian locomotive service and production facility. They use silicone oil as a dielectric and lubricant for their equipment. Recently this type of oil has become increasingly popularRead More

GlobeCore developed a modernised oil purification plant СММ-1Н

GlobeCore does not stand still and constantly working on product developing. In September, they released a modernized mobile oil system CMM-1H. It is an upgraded CMM -1.0 oil station, that has proved itself to be a good equipment on the market. The main task of CMM-1H is to maximize the effective cleaning of oil fromRead More

We invite you to participate in the seminar on industrial oils purification and regeneration

GlobeCore GmbH invites specialists of the power industry and everyone interested in innovations in electrical power industry to take part in our seminar on “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”. The event will take place in Oldenburg (Germany) on October 24 at Edewechter Landstrasse, 173. The program of the seminar covers the problems of industrialRead More

Transformer Oil Filtration A Practical Exercise In Transformer Oil Filtration

Purification, filtration and degassing plants are some of the most common systems for treatment or restoration of transformer oil, which has lost performance properties partially or even entirely. Due to the heavy loads on transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment, and also due to the influence of internal factors, such as moisture, and temperature,Read More

“Mojave Heat-100” is a compact hot air drying unit

Most stages of maintenance and repair work on power transformers require depressurization of their active part. Depressurization can result in wet atmospheric air getting into the windings insulation, which is undesirable. To prevent this happening GlobeCore produces a “Mojave Heat-100” unit, the last model was shipped to the Customer in September. The equipment carries outRead More

Spain. CMM-2R transformer oil regeneration plant was commissioned

August 16, 2017 in Seville (Spain) all works under the contract for the supply and commissioning of the regeneration plant CMM-2R were successfully completed. This equipment is ideal for enterprises and organizations of the electric power industry, that do not require insulating oil processing capacity more than 0.3 m3 / h. The plant’s components areRead More

Commissioning in Saudi Arabia

August 5 – 8, 2017, in Jizan, our company engineering team carried out the commissioning and start up of the CMM-2,2 unit. This unit added to the list of equipment already provided and commissioned for the electricity industry of Saudi Arabia by GlobeCore. The CMM-2,2 unit operates is several modes, and can be used forRead More

Transformer oil degassing Best Way to Transformer oil degassing?

Transformer oil degasification Oxygen found in transformer oil leads to oxidation and significantly reduces the dielectric strength of the oil and the insulating system.  In general, under normal atmospheric pressure, the insulating oil contains approximately 10% of atmospheric air.  The higher the temperature, the better the dissolution of air in oil wll be.  It isRead More

Yearly Equipment presentations in Zimbabwe

A year ago, GlobeCore held presentations in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to participate in the events. Therefore, our company was happily to give  another opportunity and to hold a series of presentations, this time in Bulawayo  in June 8, 2017. The main attention was given to the electrical industryRead More

CMM-4/7: now in Finland

On May 31, 2017, the CMM-4/7 unit started its operation in Helsinki (Finland). First it serviced a 400 MVA transformer. CMM-4/7 is a multifunctional unit  – it has three modes of operation: First the unit warms up and then it starts processing oil in degassing mode. In this mode, the oil is heated to aRead More

Commissioning of 2 units in Gaborone

In May, 2 more installations of GlobeCore equipment took place. At this time in Gaborone (Botswana) were put into operation two new units  CMM-4/7 and СММ-12Р. CMM-4/7 processes insulating oil (through drying, degassing, cleaning from mechanical impurities) and heats oil before refilling, it also vacuum dries and evacuates transformers. The degassing mode is designed forRead More

Pakistan. CMM-4/7 successfully starts its work

May 13, 2017, another GlobeCore plant was successfully put into operation. In Lahore (Pakistan), a CMM-4/7 unit serviced the power transformers through heating, drying, cleaning, degassing and nitriding of the insulating oil. This equipment can provide ISO 4406 cleanliness class – / 14/12 of industrial oil. It also achieves moisture content  by weight below  5Read More

GlobeCore presented a seminar In Quito

During 2 days, May 3-4 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore held a seminar presenting its equipment The event was attended by representatives of the electricity industry from many countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The seminar covered the following questions: General information about GlobeCore; Modern technologies in cleaning and regeneration ofRead More

Ecuador hosted a GlobeCore seminar

May 3-4, 2017 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore presented a seminar on cleaning and regeneration of transformer oil. The event was attended by representatives of companies from electricity sector of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and other countries. On the first day the participants were presented with our company’s achievements in transformerRead More

CMM-0.6 prepared to start in Saudi Arabia

At the end of April this year, GlobeCore engineering team came to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)  to commission the CMM-0,6 unit. This equipment cleans electrical insulating oils with ISO cleanliness class 4406 – / 18/16 up  to – / 14/12 class by multiple passes through the filter unit and removing mechanical impurities. The versatility of CMM-0,6Read More

Putting equipment into operation in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore engineers visited Tallinn (Estonia), where they prepared to start CMM-4/7 unit on the trailer. CMM-4/7 units are in demand at enterprises engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers, as well as other oil-filled equipment. This unit solves several tasks at once: it heats and vacuum treats a transformer, itRead More

CMM-4/7 started up in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore specialists started up a CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn (Estonia). This equipment is used by business engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers for degassing and filtration of insulating oil. Also, the units can be used to heat oil-filled electrical appliances with hot oil, for vacuum dehydration and evacuation ofRead More

Servicing Transformer Substations: Emergency Response

Servicing of transformer substations is a very important process which facilitates reliable transmission and distribution of power. A part of this service is a possible emergency response. During the service life of equipment most of defects do not appear immediately, but develop gradually. An example would be the destruction of cable terminals by high temperature.Read More

substations Integral Transformer Substations for Indoor Installation

Integral transformer substations are built for indoor and outdoor installations. This article looks at indoor substations. It is designed for unheated premises of industrial enterprises. The substations with one transformer (right and left) and two transformers (in single line and parallel)  are very common. In the two transformer substations the sections are connected by doubleRead More

purification of oil Electric Purification of oil

Purification of oil. Mechanical impurities in oil are removed by an electric field. This approach is not entirely new, but it is not widely used at this time due to insufficient studies of the processes occurring during the interaction of the electric field and oil. Electro-cleaning sediments suspended particles under the influence of an electrostaticRead More

compressor oil Compressor Oil for Piston-type and Rotary Compressors

Compressor oils are divided into classes depending on their application and requirements. The most common classifications is: Oils for rotary and piston-type compressors; Oils for refrigeration compressors; Oils for turbo machines. Let us consider in full detail the oil of the first type. It is used for lubrication of compressors in transportation and various industries.Read More

Heating oil: properties and uses

Compared with diesel fuel, heating oil has a wide range of applications due to its composition. Heating oil is produced from used diesel fractions in direct fraction distillation. Fractional composition of heating oil can be harder than fractional composition of diesel fuel. The viscosity of heating oil is 8 mm2/sec, and diesel is 6 mm2/sec.Read More

transformer oil testing Transformer oil testing: determining moisture content

Transformer oil testing. Technical requirements for transformer oils are stated by the standards. At the same time, these standards do not directly regulate the moisture content of oil. The regulation in this case is done indirectly by a number of parameters, such as density, flash point, viscosity, content of KOH, dielectric strength, and others. TheRead More

Waste Oil Purification Combined Methods for Waste Oil Purification

Waste Oil Purification. Waste oil treatment uses a combination of approaches based on different methods (force field and porous membrane). Centrifuges use a combination of electric and centrifugal fields. The electric field is generated by the outside power source or the triboelectric effect, creating a non-uniform field that improves the efficiency of cleaning. The cleaningRead More

110 kV Transformers 110 kV Transformers: Structural Features

Power transformer is an important part of the electrical power transmission system. It converts one voltage to another, starting from 110 kV transformers to 220 kV transformers. In this article we will talk about the design of 110 kV transformers. In 110 kV transformers there are bushings at the top and the neutral wire atRead More

Industrial Oil Where Does Used Industrial Oil Go?

Industrial Oil. Industrial oils are widely used in industry for lubricating friction parts. In adverse operating conditions, with increasing running speeds, loads and temperatures, there are higher requirements to the quality of industrial oils. Even the liquids of the highest quality do not guarantee that they maintain their properties for the duration of the serviceRead More

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

In mid-February this year, GlobeCore representatives visited Indonesia (Gresik), where they commissioned the CMM-0.6M oil purification plant. This equipment cleans insulating oils from water and mechanical impurities. The oil is treated from cleanliness level of ISO – -/18/16 to cleanliness level of ISO – -/14/12 by multiple passes through the filter unit. A CMM-0,6M plantRead More

A Winning Combination: Dielectric Oil Purification and Transformer Vacuumizing Unit

  Restoration of the insulation system is an essential part of power transformer maintenance. Before new oil is pumped into the transformer, all air must be removed from the tank, as well as moisture and gas, accumulated by the insulation system when the transformer is open. During operation, the insulation system performance gradually declines dueRead More

GlobeCore at Gulf Industry Fair 2017

February 7 -9, 2017 Manama (Kingdom of Bahrain) hosted the Gulf International Industry Fair 2017. It has been held since 2008. Over time, the Gulf Industry Fair 2017 has grown to a leading trade show in the Persian Gulf. According to the organizers, it has been visited by 30,000 people. The showcases of the GulfRead More

GlobeCore presented its equipment at Gulf Industry Fair in Bahrain

February 7-9, 2017 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre hosted a Gulf Industry Fair 2017. The fair was held in Manama (the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain) and brought together the leading manufacturers of equipment for energy industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc. The exhibition was first held in 2008. Since then it was visited by more thanRead More

GlobeCore: Oil Purifier Protects Power Transformer and Extends Its Life by 20 Years

Globecore GmbH, a German company, manufactures oil purifier which  extends power transformer service life by 20 years. Globecore protects and saves millions of dollars of investments in power transformers. This is achieved by transformer oil purification, which can be performed on site, with the transformer energized. Old oil is reused. Transformer oil is used in powerRead More

Egypt. Startup of the GlobeCore CMM-10-10

January 13, this year, GlobeCore completed the work under the contract on production, delivery and commissioning of the CMM-10-10 unit. This time the equipment of our company went to Egypt (Asyut), where it would purify and degas insulating oils, and evacuate the power transformers at local electrical substations. GlobeCore CMM units are indispensable for repairs,Read More

Oil Purifier GlobeCore Cooperation With the US Power Industry

GlobeCore strives to participate in all possible projects to replace traditional energy sources with alternatives. Some of the services GlobeCore offers our clients is the sales of equipment to process electrical insulation oil and servicing power transformers, as well as rentals of this equipment. It was the latter option that was chosen by one ofRead More

GlobeCore Cooperation With the US Power Industry

GlobeCore strives to participate in all possible projects to replace traditional energy sources with alternatives. Some of the services GlobeCore offers our clients is the sales of equipment to process electrical insulation oil and servicing power transformers, as well as rentals of this equipment. It was the latter option that was chosen by one ofRead More

Transformer Oil Chromatography Analysis

Knowing the condition of transformer oil is important to maintain and extend its service life. It is important to make timely decision on changing or regeneration of the oil, avoiding danger to the transformer. Chromatography analysis is one of the most efficient methods of early diagnostics of insulation fluids. It allows to see the dissolvedRead More

How to Handle Waste Motor Oil

Environmental concerns are now one of the highest priorities. Environmental issues are obviously related to generation and disposal of waste. Waste is a significant problem for many facilities and businesses. Among such waste, waste oil of various types, such as motor, transmission or industrial oil are generated in large volumes. After removing the oil fromRead More

Purification of Fyrquel Fyrquel Fireproof Liquid: General Characteristics and Purification Methods

Purification of Fyrquel. Fyrquel synthetic fireproof liquid is based on phosphoric acid esters, which make it fireproof. This is very important when the material is used in critical conditions, such as: gas turbine lubrication systems; steam turbine electrohydraulic control systems. hydraulic systems of furnaces for aluminum and steel melting; air compressors. Fireproof liquids reduce theRead More

Properties of Transformer Oil Properties of Transformer Oil

Properties of Transformer Oil. Modern technologies allow to make quality transformer oil from any crude oil. However, not all types of oil can retain its properties for long, and degradation of the product may begin from the very first day of its use in a transformer. Different types of oil age at different rates. ThereforeRead More

Waste oil Waste oil as a commodity

Sooner or later, businesses owning oil-filled equipment have to face the question of waste oil handling. Over time, oil ages and becomes contaminated. In order to monitor its state and possible further use, samples of oil are taken for analysis. Existing legislation prohibits dumping waste oil into the environment, it must be collected and recycled.Read More

A Presentation in Oldenburg for Ethiopian Guests

In the middle of November, a GlobeCore equipment presentation was held in Oldenburg for visitors from Ethiopia. The guests were able to see the equipment for purification and regeneration of various oil types, solid insulation drying and power transformer vacuum evacuation, as well as equipment for purification and clarification of fuel. Even more time wasRead More

GlobeCore’s membership in the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

GlobeCore is pleased to announce its membership in the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). This decision was made to bring about a closer dialogue between the representatives of the wind power industry, to exchange experience, and to produce equipment targeted at practical problems. We have already been involved in maintenance of offshore turbine transformers, whichRead More

Oil Pump Operating Principle And Structure

The main purpose of an oil pump is to create pressure that allows oil pumping in the desired direction. Depending on the type of control there are adjustable and non-adjustable oil pumps.  The main difference is that in the devices of the first type maintenance of constant pressure is provided by adjusting productivity, and inRead More

Heating Oil: Characteristics, Application, Production And Advantages

Heating oil is made from diesel fractions of straight-run distillation and distillates of catalytic and thermal cracking. It differs from conventional diesel fuel by viscosity and fractional composition.  Diesel fuel is lighter. To meet all industrial requirements, special depressant additives must be added to heating oil.  This step helps to improve its performance. In particular,Read More

Insulation of Power Transformers Insulation of Power Transformers

In assessing dielectric strength of power transformers, three subsystems should be identified: energized components, grounding and insulation.  The latter is intended to separate the former two, as well as separate energized parts. Energized parts include all components that carry electrical current, as well as all the elements that are electrically connected thereto.  Examples include windings,Read More

Purification of Hydraulic Oils Purification of Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oil is a fairly common product and in many cases it is used in sensitive equipment and technology.  Since recently, filters with a mesh size of 25 to 50 micron have been coming into use in most oil systems.  This was enough to meet purity conditions, for instance, for valves.  But components in hydraulicRead More

Purification of FR3 Dielectric Fluid Purification of FR3 Dielectric Fluid

The majority of dielectric fluids used in modern power transformers are mineral petroleum-based oils.  It is well known that this raw material is hazardous to the environment and in the case of contact with water or soil it can cause serious harm. Moreover, there are transformers with higher requirements regarding environmental damage and safety ofRead More

Purification of Turbine Oils Purification of Turbine Oils

The basic purpose of turbine oils is cooling and lubrication of bearings of various turbo units that include gas and steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, turbo-compressor machines, etc.  In addition, this oil can be used in turbine control systems as operating fluid. It is also known to be used in hydraulic and circulation systems of industrialRead More

GlobeCore at the 18th WETEX 2016 international exhibition

October 4-6, the International Exhibition Centre in Dubai (UAE) hosted the 18th WETEX 2016 exhibition. WETEX is an annual exhibition that first started in 1999 and which brings together the leading global experts in the fields of water, energy, technology and environment, as well as major investors. This year more than 1500 participants (700 companies)Read More

A Detailed Look at Waste Oil Purification, waste lubricating oil purification and recovery.

A Detailed Look at Waste Oil Purification, waste lubricating oil purification and recovery. In modern society, the problem of waste and used materials is gaining awareness, due to media attention and industry focus. In ancient times most waste was “natural”, excluding the “alien picnic” theory, but these days, most waste comes from artificial sources, withRead More

Is Coarse Filter Necessary in Modern Oil Purification Process?

Oil purification process Oil filters are designed to remove contaminants and particles from motor, transmission, lubrication, hydraulic, or any other kinds of oils and fluids. The filter’s principle of operation is based on incoming pressurized oil from the pump being divided into a number of flat streams. Particulate pollutants move together with the oil. ThenRead More

Industrial Oil Purification Industrial Oil Purification: Myth and Reality

Industrial oil is used in machinery as a lubricant, improving operation and extending service life of equipment. For best results, used industrial oil must be changed. Used oil can change so much under the influence of temperature, air, light and contaminants, that further use becomes impossible. The oil accumulates colloid coke and ash, asphalt andRead More

Not So Small Point of Transformer Oil Filtration

Dielectric properties of transformer oil (e.g., voltage or dielectric loss factor) can be significantly improved by filtering, degassing and removal of moisture. Only  oil properly and adequately drained and filtered is suitable for transformer insulation. Often, even new transformer oil cannot be considered clean and safe for use in power systems as it accumulates pollutantsRead More

Choosing The Right Oil Filtration System

Various factors affect a buying choice: client preference, salesperson skill, the weather, atmospheric pressure and the air in the store, etc. In the industrial world, there are technical parameters and circumstances which form the opinion of the potential equipment owner. Most systems for removal of solid particles from various petroleum based liquids, such as industrial,Read More

Using Oil Filtration Equipment From America to the Arctic

Oil filtration equipment removes contaminants from transformer oil, including water, particulate matter, air and other gases. Such systems commonly employ high vacuum and heat for oil treatment. Oil filtration equipment is connected to the power transformers and the contaminated oil is supplied into the purification unit by pumps.Most of the filters used in such equipmentRead More

CMM-0.6 launched in Italy

October 2016: GlobeCore technical support team commissions a CMM-0.6 plant in Italy. The equipment will be operated in Carpenedolo, Brescia. The CMM-0.6 is a mobile oil station that cleans electrical insulating oils, removing mechanical impurities, water and gas. It guarantees the desired oils parameters for oils with viscosity less than 70 cSt (at 50°C). TheRead More

Presentation of Equipment in Oman

October 3, 2016: the city of Muscat in Oman hosted a seminar dedicated to the problems of oil, gas and electricity industries. The seminar was organized by RAY International Group and gathered around 50 participants from Oman, Norway and Germany. As part of the event, GlobeCore presented equipment for purification and regeneration of insulation oils,Read More

In Ecuador, the New CMM-12R Plant Started up Successfully

August 25: representatives of GlobeCore arrived to Quito (Ecuador) to start the CMM-12R plant and train customer staff. Before a full start up, a test run of equipment was performed, which showed the following results of transformer oil regeneration: dielectric loss tangent: 0.7% at 90 ° C (initial value: 11%); breakdown voltage: 80 kV. NoteRead More

Filtration Equipment Criteria for Improvement of Industrial Filtration Equipment for Transformer Oils

Purification essential oil uses In practice, the industry is often confronted with the procedures filtration transformer oils that are used as the liquid insulation, protection and cooling systems of internal power systems. Control processes and timely filtration and replacement of transformer oil are automated using a variety of devices and complex systems. Oil filtration isRead More

transformer oil testing The «classic» transformer oil testing

Transformer oils are mineral oils of high purity and low viscosity. These oil are used in power transformers, voltage and current measurement transformers, oil filled connectors and switches, etc. Transformer oil is a dielectric insulator, separating energized components of the transformer. It helps dissipate the heat from the transformer core and protects solid insulation fromRead More

GlobeCore Launches Production of a New Sorbent Reactivation Unit

When oil is processed by a sorbent, the sorbent becomes saturated with contaminants and must be either disposed of according to regulations or reactivated. The latter is preferable, since it cuts the costs of new sorbent procurement. Taking into account the demand for equipment capable of performing this operation, GlobeCore engineers developed a new unitRead More

Waste Oil Collection System

Collection of waste oil is one of the processes preceding their disposal or recovery. The quality of a reclaimed product in many ways depends on the correct performance of the collection process.  Typically, waste oil collection is carried out on the territories of vehicle fleets, plants, factories, power plants and other enterprises and organizations thatRead More

Used Oil What to Do with Used Oil?

Vehicle owners, who do not use the services of specialized centers, sooner or later face the problem of used oil disposal.  Perhaps we should start with a definition.  Used oils include lubricants for car engines, as well as brake fluids, coolants, transmission fluids, metalworking fluids and oils, and other less common materials.  Transformer and turbineRead More

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Unit

Vacuum Transformer Oil purification unit Transformer oil aging is a process of profound changes accompanied by performance degradation, loss of dielectric strength and accumulated sediment. These processes obstruct heat transfer from the hot parts and speed up the aging of cellulose insulation. Increase of temperature, contact with atmospheric oxygen, exposure to electric field and presenceRead More

Dielectric Oil Purification Plant

Dielectric Oil Purification Plant . Tansformer oil purification plant Dielectric oil is used in transformers and oil-filled devices for isolation and cooling (heat reduction). The insulating properties of dielectric oils are characterized by the following set of parameters: electric strength; acidity index; content of water soluble acids  and caustics; content of mechanical impurities; flash temperature;Read More

oil filtration The benefits of oil filtration

Purification oil uses Purification essential oil benefits Petroleum based oil has many industrial uses lubricating friction surfaces, dissipating heat, sealing and removing dirt. Oil in operation is subject to many factors degrading its performance: high temperature, oxidation by the oxygen in the air, moisture, contamination with metal particles, ash and dust, etc. To protect theRead More

GlobeCore Presets Oil Purification Equipment in Zimbabwe

On 10-12 August 2016 Frank May of GlobeCore visited Harare, Zimbabwe where he presented oil purification equipment produced by the company. The company’s main products were presented: mineral oil purification and regeneration equipment, as well as equipment for servicing power transformers. A newly developed system was also presented: the CMM-12R unit, (allows round the clockRead More

Oil Filtration Plant: Choices and Monetary Gains

Transformer oil performs important functions.  First of all it serves as an insulating medium and, secondly, it removes heat from  electrical equipment. Various factors like air, high temperature, sun light, varnish insulation, paints, moisture and metals cause oxidation processes in oil. Also oxidation can be caused by copper.  In general, copper is present in oil-filledRead More

used oil filtration Used oil filtration and regeneration

Transformer use is subject to various factors which degrade its performance. First of all, it is the oxygen in the atmosphere which causes oxidation of the insulating fluid. The process is also influenced by sunlight and increased temperature. If there is acid in transformer oil, it has detrimental effect on the transformer construction materials. TheRead More

GlobeCore CMM-R Dielectric Oil Filtration

Dielectric oil serves as insulating material and cooling medium in transformers, oil circuit breakers, etc. In operation oil is in constant contact with substances and elements of electrical equipment. This constant contact with metals accelerates oil’s oxidation process.   The most oxidation causes copper and its alloys. Also metal surfaces corroding accelerate oil oxidation further. ExposureRead More

Oil filtration unit to extend transformer life

The problem of the aging power transformer park is quite pressing. This is mostly due to the high costs of the new equipment. That is why most electric power companies strive to optimize their financial losses and extend lifetime  of transformers already in operation. Doing so costs an order of magnitude less, without any adverseRead More

Insulating oil filtration plants

The filtration process in oil filtration plants entraps oil impurities by passing it through special porous partitions, known as filter elements.   Filtration device consists of frames and plates, separated by filtering material which is placed between them.  Filter press elements are assembled and tightened by clamps in such a way as to form special canalsRead More

waste oil filtration waste oil filtration

Waste disposal has been a problem for years, becoming more acute in the recent time. The origin of waste changed from fabric and food waste to industrial waste, with the amount of waste increasing with the growth of industry. Incorrect handling of used petroleum oils is a serious hazard to the environment and human health.Read More

New Trends in the Industry – Equipment for Filtration and Degassing of Oil

Filtration – is a process of removing particles of mechanical impurities and resinous compounds by passing oil through mesh or porous filters. There are a great number of different filtering materials: plastic and metal mesh, felt, fabric, paper, composite materials and ceramics. In practice, used transformer oils frequently contain impurities that are not retained byRead More

GlobeCore Equipment Successfully Used in Alternative Energy in Canada

The alternative energy industry is relatively young and growing rapidly. The use of solar, wind and sea power allows countries with insufficient resources to reduce energy dependency. Moreover, alternative sources are “green”, unlike traditional power (oil, coal and natural gas). Alternative energy does not generate emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and has aRead More

Equation of Efficiency of Oil Filtration Equipment

Cooling device is designed to dissipate heat, generated in transformer during its work, into the environment. Without it, the long-term operation of transformer is impossible, since paper insulation is subject to wear (aging) at unacceptable rises of temperature. Low-voltage transformers (I and II dimensions) use smooth tanks or tanks with corrugated walls serving as radiatorRead More


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