THE WINNING COMBINATION: Dielectric Oil Purification and Transformer Vacuumizing with One Unit

Simplicity. Simplicity of daily tasks. Mundane tasks. Humans are inclined to seek such simplicity. The same happens in the industry – people look for simple solutions.

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To simplify and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance companies in the energy sector, we have developed a simple (yet ingenious) machine. Specifically, a combination of two simple and reliable machines: an oil purification unit and a vacuum unit.

Why did we do it?

Because such equipment is in demand among the small and mid-sized businesses of the energy sector. This became obvious in the course of many years of working with our clients.

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So what is the advantage of the unit?

Simplicity, first and foremost. It’s the simplicity of operations in the field, simplicity of servicing transformers in-situ and simplicity of completing the job.

mobile oil purifierportable oil purification machine

What ELSE does the unit offer?

Profit. First of all, it is much less expensive to transport one unit from the manufacture, instead of two. However, this is a one-time saving. There is also the obvious continuous profit while using the oil unit along with the vacuum unit. This saves on transportation of the equipment between sites, i.e. the transformers to be services; only one operator is needed instead of two or more. There is savings on the unit’s power consumption. And, what is also important, this combination allows to perform a wider range of jobs. Combined jobs, involving oil processing and transformer vacuum evacuation. The unit excels in both tasks.

the trailer with oil degassing unit transformer oil purifier mobile oil purification plant

Our client’s priority – simplicity or profit – is the client’s choice. Our objective, here at GlobeCore, is to supply the client with equipment which smoothly combines both.

transformer vacuumizing machine + dielectric oil purifier


Who the machine is designed for?

First of all, this unit benefits small and mid-size companies involved in preventive and corrective maintenance of transformers, while in general it works well for all service companies in the energy sector, as well as for transformer manufacturers.

What kind of equipment can be combined? 

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Our experience and the experience of our clients indicates, that the most efficient and versatile combination is the thermovacuum purification units CMM-2.2 and CMM-4.0 combined with the 1000 m3/hour vacuum sections.

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