Oil Purifier

Oil Purifier

During storage and transportation transformer oil comes in contact with air and gases, decreasing its dielectric strength by 20-30%. The air solved in the oil and in solid insulation reduces the dielectric strength of the whole transformer system and may cause electrical discharges.

Many producers have strict requirements in terms of vacuumizing transformer and presence of gases in transformer oil to improve reliability and extend the lifetime of the electrical insulation system. Particulate matter and moisture also have an advese effect on oil quality. Degassing and purification of insulation fluid before putting it into a transformer guarantees good electrical insulation and dissipation of heat from transformer parts.



CMM-05 general view


GlobeCore presents the CMM-0.5 oil degassing unit to engineering and servicing organizations involved with maintenance and repairs of small oil filled systems.

The СММ-0.5 oil purifier consists of a vacuum chamber, a heater, a fluid pump and a vacuum pump, as well as a filter section with replaceable cartridges. Equipment operates by heating the oil in vacuum to remove contaminants. Besides, the unit can transfer the oil and heat it.

GlobeCore has both stock oil purifiers and the ability to customize them. Processing rate, filters etc may be adjusted as requested by the customer. Stock models can be purchased directly form the company.

On customer request, our specialists can visit the site for commissioning and starting the unit and to train operators.

If you are reading this, you are:

  • An engineering manager for a company offering maintenance and repairs for small-scale oil filled systems. You need efficient solutions for guaranteed profit;
  • A procurement specialist. You need to meet the demands of the organization, find the best price and quality offers, develop and maintain contact with suppliers. Over the years, GlobeCore has built strong business and personal relations with our clients;
  •  An engineer for maintenance and repair of oil filled systems. Your task is to address existing problems and ensure reliable operation of equipment in the future.

Order transformer degassing units СММ-0.5 from GlobeCore. We offer after sale servicing, have a large stock of spare parts, and our production facility is always ready to assist.

How to get one of our units to operate at your facility

  •     Contact us, and we will review your order together;
  •      We make an offer, including price, options and terms;
  •      If possible, we can meet at our factory;
  •      The unit is manufactured and then commissioned at your location.

Advantages of GlobeCore transformer oil degassing units:

  •   Compact size;
  •   Simple operation and servicing;
  •   Protection against oil spills and foaming;
  •   Noiseless operation;
  •   Connection to regular power socket;
  •   Rapid production;
  •   Competitive price;
  •   Ability to receive qualified advice from our specialists both before and after the order;
  •  Component parts from the world’s leading manufacturers;
  • Improvement of reliability of oil-filled systems.

CMM-0.5 oil degassing unit specifications

No Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, m3/hour 0,5
2 50 Hz AC voltage, V 380*
3 Nominal power, kW 14
4 Pre-filter, micron 200
5 Filtration fineness, micron 5
6 Purification class (ISO 4406) -/14/12
7 Dielectric strength of the oil after one pass, kV min 60
8 Dimensions (hoses excluded) max, mm
— length 750
— width 520
— height 1350
9 Weight (empty) max, kg 250

* – any voltage available at customer’s request.

Frequently asked questions:


That is transformer oil before and after processing by CMM system.

1) The declared processing rate does not suit me. What do I do?

GlobeCore makes equipment for various processing rates, refer to our catalogue.If you have not found a unit you need, we can custom design one for you. To begin with, you will need to fill our a questionnaire to specify the require operation parameters.

2) What is the manufacturing time on a custom order?

It takes less than 45 days to build a custom designed unit.

3) What is the warranty on the oil purifier?

Warranty on equipment operation is usually 12 months.

4) Does multiple passes of oil through the unit further improve such parameters as moisture and gas content of transformer oil?

It does.

The manufacturer

GlobeCore is a large multi-centered company, which has been actively working in the international marker for over 10 years. During this time the company has significantly expanded its production capabilities, the product line and the global dealer network. We carefully listen to the inquieries of our clients to provide the best service.

Over 250 administration, engineering and manufacturing world class specialists are employed by the company. We are always open to accept the new tendencies of the world economy and technologies. The result is hundreds of units produces annualy and client satisfaction.

New ideas and processes are always welcome at out company. We constantly present our products at various expos and tradeshows and we are quite a sponge for novelties and trends. This approach allows us to effectively streamline our production, manufacture environmentally friendly products and keep our clients satisfied.



Oil is processed on an energized transformer. That is, the population of a whole city will not have to sit in the dark in the evening trying to iron their shirts with heavy books.
Up to 15 kV the transformer doesn’t even have to be de-energized to connect the processing system.


Complete restoration of oil.

The CMM-R features full oil regeneration cycle by one unit. The process includes filtration, degassing and restoration of chemical composition. There is no need anymore to use many complex devices: the CMM-R system does it all - and it’s easily controllable by only one operator.



Fuller’s earth, i.e. the sorbent used in this system, does not require disposal or refills. It is reactivated inside the system by the system! This is a world class innovation and a huge investment into a greener planet. This will even make it easier to attract the attention of investors, since environmentally friendly technologies is not only a modern world trend, but also often a requirement of many national programs and manufacturers, that is, your clients.



All out products are certified, reasonably priced and built to the highest quality standards. Not one product leaves the factor without rigorous trial at the factory’s testing facility.


With your own eyes.

Consider making a personal visit to the factory to see the first class technologies and also test your product samples. The results will be a pleasant surprise.


Global shipment.

We will deliver your CMM-R system anywhere in the world.


Mr. Shekanano, the United Republic of Tanzania:

I have only good feelings about GlobeCore.
After having seen the production facility I realized this was a serious and reliable company, with professional staff and a streamlined operation. Of course, the production seems complex, but so are the products.


Mr. Patel, the United Republic of Tanzania:

I would like to wish GlobeCore the brightest future and I think we will work together for many years to come. I wish you many successful projects and new developments.


Mr. Shekanano, the United Republic of Tanzania:

The results of lightening of and purification of petroleum products are amazing. We have purchased and will continue to purchase UVR type units.


Mr. Hector Guerrera, the Dominican Republic:

While testing equipment made by GlobeCore we were quite impressed by the high technical standard of the systems, as well as by the professionalism of GlboeCore’s expert staff.

Some of our client are:


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