The Path to Purity – Oil Filtration

As you know, the new, “fresh” oil for use in various types of engines and systems, is no less dangerous, and contains many harmful substances: moisture, gases or incidental impurities that get into oil during transportation or storage. Therefore, before pouring oil into a transformer, it must be cleaned. New oil does not require regeneration and restoration of their properties. Harmful foreign particles are removed from new oil with the help of filters. Studies show that the use of fine filters is more effective. Filtration traps insoluble particles with dimensions exceeding dimensions of filter elements regardless of their density. The remaining deposits on fine filter are mostly organic substances. For oil filtration most commonly used are surface-absorbent type filters with pore size up to 5 microns, also there are fine filters that trap even smaller particles. The main feature of these filters (compared with slotted and space-absorbent) – is a large surface of filter. Fine filter is used for the final cleaning of fuel from small impurities and water. It is positioned between the fuel pump and the carburetor. Fuel pumped by fuel pump is fed into filter housing and down into glass-settler, where it is separated from water and other impurities. Then, it passes through the pores of filter element, and finally purified goes into float chamber. Filtration systems for transformer oil are designed for small volume transformers, which have low level of pollution by particles and gases.  GlobeCore oil filtration plants use single- or multi-stage filtration to remove solids and water. Furthermore, as most oil installations, GlobeCore filtration oil system is mobile and mounted in special containers, or on a special semitrailer. CMM plants are available in a variety of choices, tailored specifically for different operating conditions, the size of enterprise and technology. Easy operational, monitoring, controlling systems and programming systems – is a list of minimum services to oil filtration systems from GlobeCore.

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