Power Transformers of Electrical Substations

Power transformer – is an important part of the substation. It is designed to convert electrical energy from one voltage to another. The most common ones are three-phase transformers, due to lower losses, lower consumption and lower cost, than the group of three single-phase transformers of the same capacity. Single-phase transformers are usually justified in the case of impossibility to manufacture three-phase device or difficulty in transport it. Depending on the number of different voltage windings for each phase – there are two-winding and three-winding transformers. There are also transformers with split windings. These devices can connect a step-up transformer to multiple generators . Transformers can be installed outdoors and indoors in unheated rooms with natural ventilation. Powerful high voltage transformer – is a complex device, with such structural elements
  • Magnetic system;
  • Winding;
  • Tank;
  • Insulation;
  • Cooling device;
  • Terminals;
  • Voltage regulation mechanism;
  • Protection and measuring devices.
One of the most critical parts of the design is the isolation, since it determines the reliability of the switchgear. In oil transformers the main insulation is – oil in combination with solid dielectrics: paper, wood, insulating cardboard, getinaks. GlobeCore is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for cleaning and regeneration of transformer oils. Regular cleaning of insulating oils prolong their service life, help save on costs of buying fresh and disposal of waste oil, as well as improve reliability of electric power transformer substation. To improve the current performance of insulating oil – a thermosiphon filter is attached to a transformer to absorb oxidation products. By circulating oil through a silica filter – it ensures its continuous regeneration.

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