Practical training on cleaning diesel fuel held in Germany

cleaning diesel fuel
A two day (June 30 and July 1) practical training course in cleaning diesel fuel in Oldenburg, Germany was attended by specialists from the United States. The event was held at the International Training Center. The Training Centre trains specialists for operating oil purification equipment.

The visitors from the United States have a special interest in the processes of diesel fuel purification, especially in the unique technology of  oil cleaning and regeneration with a special sorbent, developed by our company and implemented in the CMM (UVR) plant. This equipment works with transformer, turbine, industrial oils, diesel fuel, heating oil, gas condensate etc. The refined oil products do not oxidize or darken.

The result of the training were the basic skills to operate GlobeCore equipment, acquired by the specialists from the United States. This knowledge can be successfully used in purification of not only diesel fuel, but also other oil products using the UVR plant

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