Presentations Have Been Made in the United Arab Emirates

In November 2014, GlobeCore held a series of presentations in the United Arab Emirates.  These presentations were held in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The core audience consisted of representatives of service centers, power companies and transformer manufacturers who were interested in GlobeCore equipment. Annually, the UAE consumes approximately 70 billion kilowatt hours (kW h) of electricity.  It stands to reason therefore, that a reliable electric power supply requires the smooth operation of transformers that can only result from a timely and comprehensive transformer preventive maintenance program.  The liquid and solid insulating systems are considered the most important parts of transformers since they significantly effect the service life of the equipment used for the transmission and distribution of electric power. The technologies currently used in the UAE to treat liquid and solid insulation very often do not meet the modern requirements.  All this places a great financial burden on the electric companies and requires significant expenses for corrective maintenance and transformer repairs. Technologically advanced GlobeCore equipment therefore, finds itself in great demand. In particular, the representatives of power industry in the UAE were interested in units for purification and regeneration of transformer oil (CMM-R and CMM equipment lines), vacuumizing and drying of transformer solid insulation (Iney) and protection of transformers from moisture (Sukhovey).  Compared with similar units being used in the UAE, GlobeCore equipment provides more benefits in terms of quality and operational cost effectiveness. GlobeCore’s Fuller’s earth with automatic sorbent reactivation technology has made the CMM-R units quite unique in the industry.  It is worth mentioning that there is a GlobeCore office is the UAE.  You can find its address in the section, called “Contacts”.

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