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СММ 2.2

Transformer oil purification.

Transformer oil requires purification when breakdown voltage (dielectric strength), water content, dissolved gas and particulate matter exceed those acceptable for in-service oil values. Our vacuum transformer oil purification plants are available skid-mounted, container-mounted, mobile or on rollers in order to improve the above parameters and service transformers.

СММ- 12Р

Transformer oil regeneration.

Transformer oil is affected by oxidation and as result the natural decaying process takes place in the fluid. This decay process develops sludge resulting in a shorter life span and ultimately failure of the device. Impurities in the oil are usually particles, water, sludge, acidity, gas etc. Working in conjunction with GlobeCore transformer oil purifiers (two separate plants) and working on the principle of reactivated Fuller’s Earth, GlobeCore oil regeneration plants are highly recommended to restore colour, maintain, dry, fill and treat your transformer oil as required. By removing contaminants from insulating oils, they restore the oils dielectric properties, and at the same time extend the useful life of your electrical equipment including the oil. GlobeCore transformer oil regeneration systems are available in stationary and mobile configurations.


Transformer oil filtration.

Transformer oil filtration systems are designed for low-volume transformers where dissolved gas contamination is not of essential importance. Globecore oil filtration plants use single or multi-stage filtration to remove solids, free water and partially dissolved water. Oil filtration systems are available skid-mounted, container-mounted, mobile or on rollers.

СММ 4 (СММ6)

Transformer oil degassing.

Transformer oil high-vacuum degassifiers by GlobeCore are designed for large-volume transformers where dissolved gas contamination is of importance. Unique design of vacuum chamber and activating fibre elements allow effective degassing. Globecore transformer oil degassing equipment is able to achieve 0.1% of gas content by Vol. from initial 10% after one pass. Heating and filtration mode of operation is provided at improved capacity to dry transformer winding using hot oil spray method. Transformer oil evacuation mode is also provided. High-vacuum degassing systems are available skid-mounted, container-mounted, trailer-mounted or on rollers.


Transformer maintenance

The objective of preventive maintenance is to prevent or reduce the accident potention of the eletrcic equipment during it’s service life. This type of maintenance is a planned work, that is held on a desconnected and desenergized equipment. Main reasons of corrective maintenance reffer to lack of attention and insuffisient level of planning. When it is necessary to do any type of maintenance to a transformer or other oil-immersed equipment, you will need some equipment, like transformer evacuation units, hot dry air supply systems, etc.

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