Transformer oil degassifiers


CMM hot dry air supply system

As delivery time and purchase price of high voltage power transformers are constantly increasing, the extension of the life time of existing transformers becomes more essential


CMM transformer evacuation units

Control cabinet keeps electrical devices for plant operation. The cabinet mentioned is a metal box with lockable door. The cabinet’s inner panel keeps electrical switch devices. Operational and control buttons as well as light alarm are placed on the cabinet.

INEY: Transformer oil refrigeration unit

The company manufactures three types of units, which differ in components, mode of operation and specifications, but are equally efficient. First type – single module unit consisting of two-stage refrigerator, designed for generation of process cold (to negative 70оС); Second type – twin module unit with vacuum backing pump:


Transformer oil high-vacuum degassifiers by GlobeСore are designed for large-volume transformers where dissolved gas contamination is of importance. Unique design of vacuum chamber and activating fibre elements allow effective degassing. GlobeСore transformer oil degassing equipment is able to achieve 0.1% of gas content by Vol. from initial 10% after one pass. Heating and filtration mode of operation is provided at improved capacity to dry transformer winding using hot oil spray method. Transformer oil evacuation mode is also provided. High-vacuum degassing systems are available skid-mounted, container-mounted, trailer-mounted or on rollers.

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