Transformer oil regeneration systems

Oil treatment systems

Transformer oil is affected by oxidation and as result the natural decaying process takes place in the fluid. This decay process develops sludge resulting in a shorter life span and ultimately failure of the device. Impurities in the oil are usually particles, water, sludge, acidity, gas etc. Working in conjunction with GlobeCore transformer oil purifiers (two separate plants) and working on the principle of reactivated Fuller’s Earth, GlobeCore oil regeneration plants are highly recommended to restore color, maintain, dry, fill and treat your transformer oil as required. By removing contaminants from insulating oils, they restore the oils dielectric properties, and at the same time extend the useful life of your electrical equipment including the oil. GlobeCore transformer oil treatment systems are available in stationary and mobile configurations.


At present, more than 40% of transformers in use by energy enterprises are over 25 years old.  Annual transformer failure rate has been steadily rising in the past few years. Regardless of methods used to analyze failures, the results of such analysis indicate the most vulnerable parts of the transformer are the main winding insulation, voltage regulators and taps.


Standard oil filtration systems using discolouring clays as filling material (fuller’s earth) are designed to remove deterioration products from oil and to refine it.


  • Suitable for every mineral oil
  • Low cost of regeneration
  • Simple to install and use

CMM-4RP Sorbent Reactivation Unit

The existing methods of sorbent reacviation are characterized by large losses of the sorbent (up to 30%) and the processed product. These factors prompted GlobeCore to develop the CMM-4RP  units for Reactivation of Sorbent for oil purifying. This equipment is designed for restoration of waste sorbents used in oil purification processes. Using the CMM-4RP can save on the purchase of new and disposal of old sorbent.

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