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Servicing Transformer Substations: Emergency Response

Servicing of transformer substations is a very important process which facilitates reliable transmission and distribution of power. A part of this service is a possible emergency response.

During the service life of equipment most of defects do not appear immediately, but develop gradually. An example would be...Read more»

Integral Transformer Substations for Indoor Installation

Integral transformer substations are built for indoor and outdoor installations. This article looks at indoor substations.

It is designed for unheated premises of industrial enterprises. The substations with one transformer (right and left) and two transformers (in single line and parallel)  are very common. In the two...Read more»

Electric Purification of oil

Purification of oil. Mechanical impurities in oil are removed by an electric field. This approach is not entirely new, but it is not widely used at this time due to insufficient studies of the processes occurring during the interaction of the electric field and oil.

Electro-cleaning sediments...Read more»

Compressor Oil for Piston-type and Rotary Compressors

Compressor oils are divided into classes depending on their application and requirements. The most common classifications is:

  • Oils for rotary and piston-type compressors;
  • Oils for refrigeration compressors;
  • Oils for turbo machines.

Let us consider in full detail the oil of the first type. It...Read more»

Heating oil: properties and uses

Compared with diesel fuel, heating oil has a wide range of applications due to its composition.

Heating oil is produced from used diesel fractions in direct fraction distillation. Fractional composition of heating oil can be harder than fractional composition of diesel fuel. The viscosity of heating oil...Read more»

Transformer oil testing: determining moisture content

Transformer oil testing. Technical requirements for transformer oils are stated by the standards. At the same time, these standards do not directly regulate the moisture content of oil. The regulation in this case is done indirectly by a number of parameters, such as density, flash point, viscosity, content...Read more»

Combined Methods for Waste Oil Purification

Waste Oil Purification. Waste oil treatment uses a combination of approaches based on different methods (force field and porous membrane).

Centrifuges use a combination of electric and centrifugal fields. The electric field is generated by the outside power source or the triboelectric effect, creating a non-uniform field...Read more»

110 kV Transformers: Structural Features

Power transformer is an important part of the electrical power transmission system. It converts one voltage to another, starting from 110 kV transformers to 220 kV transformers. In this article we will talk about the design of 110 kV transformers.

In 110 kV transformers there are bushings...Read more»

Where Does Used Industrial Oil Go?

Industrial Oil. Industrial oils are widely used in industry for lubricating friction parts.

In adverse operating conditions, with increasing running speeds, loads and temperatures, there are higher requirements to the quality of industrial oils. Even the liquids of the highest quality do not guarantee that they maintain...Read more»

A Winning Combination: Dielectric Oil Purification and Transformer Vacuumizing Unit


Restoration of the insulation system is an essential part of power transformer maintenance. Before new oil is pumped into the transformer, all air must be removed from the tank, as well as moisture and gas, accumulated by the insulation system when the transformer is open. During...Read more»

GlobeCore: Oil Purifier Protects Power Transformer and Extends Its Life by 20 Years

Globecore GmbH, a German company, manufactures oil purifier which  extends power transformer service life by 20 years.

Globecore protects and saves millions of dollars of investments in power transformers. This is achieved by transformer oil purification, which can be performed on site, with the...Read more»

Oil Purifier

Oil Purifier

During storage and...Read more»

Transformer Oil Chromatography Analysis

Knowing the condition of transformer oil is important to maintain and extend its service life. It is important to make timely decision on changing or regeneration of the oil, avoiding danger to the transformer.

Chromatography analysis is one of the most efficient methods of early diagnostics of...Read more»

How to Handle Waste Motor Oil

Environmental concerns are now one of the highest priorities. Environmental issues are obviously related to generation and disposal of waste. Waste is a significant problem for many facilities and businesses. Among such waste, waste oil of various types, such as motor, transmission or industrial oil are generated in...Read more»

Fyrquel Fireproof Liquid: General Characteristics and Purification Methods

Purification of Fyrquel. Fyrquel synthetic fireproof liquid is based on phosphoric acid esters, which make it fireproof. This is very important when the material is used in critical conditions, such as:

  • gas turbine lubrication systems;
  • steam turbine electrohydraulic control systems.
  • hydraulic systems of furnaces for...Read more»

Properties of Transformer Oil

Properties of Transformer Oil. Modern technologies allow to make quality transformer oil from any crude oil. However, not all types of oil can retain its properties for long, and degradation of the product may begin from the very first day of its use in a transformer. Different types...Read more»

Waste oil as a commodity

Sooner or later, businesses owning oil-filled equipment have to face the question of waste oil handling. Over time, oil ages and becomes contaminated. In order to monitor its state and possible further use, samples of oil are taken for analysis.

Existing legislation prohibits dumping waste oil into...Read more»

Oil Pump Operating Principle And Structure

The main purpose of an oil pump is to create pressure that allows oil pumping in the desired direction.

Depending on the type of control there are adjustable and non-adjustable oil pumps.  The main difference is that in the devices of the first type maintenance of constant...Read more»

Heating Oil: Characteristics, Application, Production And Advantages

Heating oil is made from diesel fractions of straight-run distillation and distillates of catalytic and thermal cracking.

It differs from conventional diesel fuel by viscosity and fractional composition.  Diesel fuel is lighter.

To meet all industrial requirements, special depressant additives must be added to heating oil....Read more»

Insulation of Power Transformers

In assessing dielectric strength of power transformers, three subsystems should be identified: energized components, grounding and insulation.  The latter is intended to separate the former two, as well as separate energized parts.

Energized parts include all components that carry electrical current, as well as all the elements...Read more»

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