GlobeCore CMM-R

Transformer Oil regeneration unit.


If the oil in the transformer is regenerated in a timely manner, the oil will be free from rust or particles of paper insulation. These contaminants will be removed before they have a chance to degrade the oil. There will be no need to repair the transformer after electric breakdown.



Oil is processed on an energized transformer. That is, the population of a whole city will not have to sit in the dark in the evening trying to iron their shirts with heavy books. Up to 15 kV the transformer doesn’t even have to be de-energized to connect the processing system.


Complete restoration of oil.

The CMM-R features full oil regeneration cycle by one unit. The process includes filtration, degassing and restoration of chemical composition. There is no need anymore to use many complex devices: the CMM-R system does it all – and it’s easily controllable by only one operator.   recycling


Fuller’s earth, i.e. the sorbent used in this system, does not require disposal or refills. It is reactivated inside the system by the system! This is a world class innovation and a huge investment into a greener planet. This will even make it easier to attract the attention of investors, since environmentally friendly technologies is not only a modern world trend, but also often a requirement of many national programs and manufacturers, that is, your clients.   CE


All out products are certified, reasonably priced and built to the highest quality standards. Not one product leaves the factor without rigorous trial at the factory’s testing facility. people

With your own eyes.

Consider making a personal visit to the factory to see the first class technologies and also test your product samples. The results will be a pleasant surprise. earth

Global shipment.

We will deliver your CMM-R system anywhere in the world.  


  • How to connect the system? Our experts take care of the product even after it leaves the factory! We will come for a visit to connect the unit, set it up and train your operators!

  • Can your oil be regenerated? That is easy to find out, since you can give us a sample of the oil to regenerate, which we will run through our testbed system. This will give us a definite answer.

  • Want to see how well it works? See below: sample_oil That is transformer oil before and after processing by CMM-R system.

What kinds of oil can be regenerated by the CMM-R?

  • transformer oil
  • turbine oil
  • industrial oil
  • heavy heating fuel,
  • diesel fuel etc,
  • in general, any mineral oil with viscosity below 70 cSt at +50ºС.

We have earned the trust of various industries:

  • oil and other petroleum product producers;
  • hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants, electric installation and repair facilities;
  • large manufacturing centers, substations, other manufacturers

A satisfied client speaks better than long specification lists. See below how our clients not only purchased our units, but also completed their goals with them.

Client testimonies:


Mr. Shekanano, the United Republic of Tanzania:

I have only good feelings about GlobeCore.

After having seen the production facility I realized this was a serious and reliable company, with professional staff and a streamlined operation. Of course, the production seems complex, but so are the products.


Mr. Patel, the United Republic of Tanzania:

I would like to wish GlobeCore the brightest future and I think we will work together for many years to come. I wish you many successful projects and new developments.

The manufacturer

GlobeCore is a large multi-centered company, which has been actively working in the international marker for over 10 years. During this time the company has significantly expanded its production capabilities, the product line and the global dealer network. We carefully listen to the inquieries of our clients to provide the best service.

Over 250 administration, engineering and manufacturing world class specialists are employed by the company. We are always open to accept the new tendencies of the world economy and technologies. The result is hundreds of units produces annualy and client satisfaction.

New ideas and processes are always welcome at out company. We constantly present our products at various expos and tradeshows and we are quite a sponge for novelties and trends. This approach allows us to effectively streamline our production, manufacture environmentally friendly products and keep our clients satisfied.


Client testimonies:


Mr. Janaki Ram, India:

The results of lightening of and purification of petroleum products are amazing. We have purchased and will continue to purchase UVR type units.


Mr. Hector Guerrera, the Dominican Republic:

While testing equipment made by GlobeCore we were quite impressed by the high technical standard of the systems, as well as by the professionalism of GlboeCore’s expert staff.

A brief reiteration of CMM-R advantages:

  • reasonable pricing + high quality
  • no waste = environmental protection
  • operated by one person = save on labor costs
  • independence of petroleum product price fuctuations: the oil is regenerated as good as new
  • extension of transformer service life by 20-30 years
  • you only pay once – it will be a long while until you need to purchase new oil!
  • invest in one unit and reap benefits from all of your production capacity


  • Frame: CMM-R_frame
  • Сontainer: CMM-R_container

CMM-R general view


The performance of CMM-R is superior to that of the competing systems. The Fuller’s earth technology and the design of the unit allows to increase processing capacity from 600 to 10 000 liters per hour (additional sections can be attached for increased capacity).

Besides, the many years of experience of our design and process engineers in manufacturing allows to customize the product for your specific requirements and environmental conditions. The individual approach to each client allows us to fulfill non-standard orders for complicated environmental conditions, be it tropical or equatorial climate with their wide range of humidity extremes, or temperate or subarctic climates, with the wide temperature fluctuations.

All of the advantages and benefits of the system are confirmed officially not only by client testimonies, but also by cerification authorities.

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