Transformer Maintenance with Insulating Oil Purifier

We all know that transformer maintenance is a valuable instrument for transformer life prolongation. And we all want to keep our transformer operating for as long as possible, avoiding the high repair costs. There are ways to extend the life of your oil immersed transformer, saving your money, by applying an insulating oil purifier.

If you deal with transformer maintenance, most probably you already have an idea about why you need an insulating oil purifier in your company, and why we should perform insulating oil reconditioning instead of oil replacement. We would like to address these issues in more detail in the present article.

Insulating oil, also known as transformer oil, is a mineral based organic compound, widely used in transformers due to its chemical properties and dielectric strength. Its functions are vital for proper transformer operation, since it acts as a cooling agent and insulating medium, protecting your insulation paper.

Insulation paper is the most vulnerable part of any transformer. It consists of cellulose and starts degrading from day one of transformer installation, because insulating paper, same as transformer oil, undergoes oxidation and contamination, which affects its properties. We cannot stop this process, but we can slow it down, and that is where an insulating oil purifier can help. Damaged paper is not able to resist the following surge load or short-circuit. It is important to understand that transformer only lives as long as its paper insulation.

As we have said, insulating oil degrades for as long as the transformer is used, and we cannot avoid this process, that is why at some stage of your transformer life you will definitely need to use an insulating oil purifier.

The contaminants found in transformer oil usually include the following:

  • Water
  • Gases
  • Solid particles

All of these can be eliminated by Globecore insulating oil purifiers.

Maybe some of you think that it is easier to replace transformer oil than purify it. It is not, for several reasons. When replacing the oil the first inconvenience you encounter is deenergized transformer. Applying Globecore’s insulating oil purifier you do not need to switch off your transformer, since you can purify the oil on energized equipment. Also you will need around 10 people of operational staff to change the oil, while insulating oil purifier requires only one operator to treat the oil. Moreover, with our insulating oil purifier you save transportation costs, which you would otherwise incur by transporting the oil for replacement. All these facts speak for themselves.

PC Globecore offers a variety of insulating oil purifiers. We have developed equipment of different production capacities to meet every need of our customers.

How can an insulating oil purifier help you in your transformer maintenance? It offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates free and dissolved water
  • Reduces gas content
  • Eliminates solid particles
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, our managers will be more than happy to provide you all the necessary information.

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