GlobeCore is the solution for oil filled equipment needs


Operations at oil facilities are all too complex and might even be dangerous. Beside experience and competence, such operations require a range of special equipment which simplifies the complexity of the tasks. From oil purification and dehydration to degassing and regeneration, all processes call for different machines. Investment into quality of oil equipment and smooth operation of the facility is required. Also, if the systems have aged or have gone without servicing for a while, transformer oil should be regenerated to like new condition. This extends the service life of the transformers and saves on repairs and replacement.

Every facility has similar processes related to industrial oil use. All of them share the the problem of oil disposal or replacement. Keep in mind that the cost of replacing oil is usually quite high and so requires a sizable investment. At this point it’s time to explore alternatives. Some of the companies in the industry offer equipment which provides sound and economical methods of oil purification and reuse. Such units are manufactured for various capacities to optimize oil processing, transformer vacuum evacuation and drying transformers of different size. Using these units to service oil filled equipment extends the equipment’s service life and noticeably decreases maintenance costs.


In a similar manner, road construction is a risky and stressful business. Just as oil refining, this industry also requires a wide range of equipment and resource. There are companies in the business who cater to your road construction requirements efficiently. These companies offer a range of products such as UVB-1 bitumen emulsion plants, UVB-2 bitumen modification plants, test bench units for bitumen emulsion, modified bitumen and foamed bitumen production, vertical and horizontal bitumen product storage tanks etc. The best of the road construction equipment can be found online by searching for a reliable supplier.

Some of the more advanced companies in the business also offer other services along with th equipment, e.g. purification of transformer oils, oil regeneration, turbine oil purification etc. One such company is known as GlobeCore. The company was founded as a trading subsidiary of Ukrbudmash Ltd and has since become of the leaders in the area of development and manufacturing of systems of transformer, turbine, industrial and other oil purification, drying and degassing, as well as reclamation. In fact, the systems can regenerate all kinds of mineral oil, restoring color and performance of the oil. The company also manufactures other high voltage service equipment. To learn more, call us


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