Transformer oil: common questions

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In today’s market competition, the offer of various products is far ahead of demand. Mostly due to numerious new technologies which simplify life and industrial processes, but are undortunately outside of the scope of common consumers, companies offering complex production equipment seldom go into details about its application and operation, not stooping down to “regular” advertisement. Their products have a target audience. As more and more small and mid size companies appear, they need the same technology novelties but in smaller amounts. Saving on simple expences is important to them. However, a PR and promotion stage is necessary even to those well versed in transistor chips. In some cases, quite possibly, the use of complex descriptions is warranted by the attempt to foil the client by numbers and exotic concepts. This is also PR. Unfortunatly, such attempts fail to provide a quality informative description of the product capabilities. Most importantly, it does not answer the client’s question: why should I buy this?

Heavy machinery manufacturers do not need what they call “product promotion” in the US


One of the latest designs of GlobeCore, also not quite understood, is a transformer oil treatment system. Research shows that it is not just a new expensive trend in a certain market niche, but a technology which literally saves you money and energy.

Benefits of oil filtration

Transformer oil is transformer’s liquid insulation. Apart from providing practically 80% of the dielectric strength inside the transformer, the oil acts as a coolant, dissipating the heat to the cooling system. The oil being such an essential component, neglecting transformer oil’s condition with constant loads on the equipment leads to frequent malfunction. This translates to higher repair costs and accelerated wear of the equipment, which happens a lot faster than it can recover the cost of its purchase and installation. The costs of additional maintenance and servicing are, no doubt, lower than those of transformer failure.


So what causes the oil in the transformer to degrade? Industry specialists or those who did well in Chemistry in high school know the answer. Oxidation. The oil is influenced by moisture, dissolved gases and particles, which it accumulates over time. The oil also reacts with the solid materials in the transfromer. Heat is another factor accelerating the oil’s oxidation in the long run.

Transformer oil oxidizes due to influence of moisture, gases, solid particles and transformer temperatures

The biggest problem is that simply replacing old oil with new does not produce the desired result in terms of stable transformer operation. Complete removal of old oil is impossible. In theory, a transformer may work without problems for a long time. However, the oil is good for a year or so. As a result of the above mentioned factords, the oil loses its performance and becomes a contaminant. The usual method of throwing spoiled products in the trashbin may work for bread or cheese, but not so much for oil. Simple oil replacement is just part of the problem. Some things, so to speak, still remain in the fridge and continue to spoil and smell. In terms of transformers this means that lack of control of oil quality is a direct cause of malfunction, decrease of service life, depreciation and loss of profit.

A solution?

Let’s try to figure it out. Despite the fact, that descriptions of complex equipment usually looks like a child’s board game with multicolored arrows, the finishing line is always the brightest.


With GlobeCore equipment for oil purification, the finishing line is profit!!!

There are various systems for transformer treatment. The first stage after internal control is oil purification. Think of repairs and maintenance costs as a family budget. Every month we purchase protective materials for our appliances, furniture and various surfaces. This is to prevent repair costs, which can easily reach two thirds of the initial product cost.

In case of oil purification systems, the protection is scientifically calculated specifically for the application..

Moreover, GlobeCore products are divided into clear groups. No need to search for various types of equipment and click randomly on links like “automation and control”, “heavy duty equipment”, “motors” etc. The GlobeCore website is a simple example of internet store, where you find the name of the specific product and then see various options.

The objectives of new processes developed by GlobeCore is to reduce your costs and increase your profits

Advertisement or statement?

This is not a sponsored advertisement area. In this industry your choice is all that matters. GlobeCore offers you that choice. You can expect quality service and answers to all questions: from term definitions to shipment and handling issues.


Transformer oil treatment units are not Christmas presents in pretty wrappings. However, the use of these products brings very tangible financial benefits.

And if you have got this far, you need this product!


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