Purification of Compressor Oil in Cooling Units

Cooling machines, industrial purification systems and units are widely used in industry for artificial decrease and subsequent maintenance of low temperature in a given facility. Herewith, the problem of compressing and transferring the coolant vapors is solved by special compressors. The main consumable material of such equipment is compressor oil that lubricates the main parts, couplings and assemblies, as well as provides protection against corrosion. Compressor oil of cooling units has to meet special requirements, which are provided due to the contact of the lubricant with the coolant, as well as changes in temperature and pressure. Such oil should have a sufficient chemical stability and a low pour point. The lubricating fluid of cooling equipment must be free of water-soluble acids and alkali, mechanical impurities, and water. The acceptable acid number depends on the oil brand, and should not exceed 0.02-0.05 mg KOH/g. Compressor oil of cooling machines works under the conditions of high temperatures (120-230ºС) and high pressures (up to 22.5 MPa). These factors lead to an intense oxidation and formation of large amounts of organic compounds. In the high-pressure compressor oil an intense condensation of water vapors contained in the compressed air takes place, some of which get into oil. Analysis of the quantitative composition of contaminants present in waste compressor oil shows that among the undesirable impurities dominate solids, asphaltenes, carbenes, inorganic contaminants and water. As previously noted, the presence of such substances is considered to be unacceptable, therefore it is necessary to purify compressor oil. GlobeCore offers to companies and enterprises, which have cooling equipment of various capacities on their balance sheet, units for purification of compressor oil. With the oil purification unit you can achieve the following targets:
  • reduce the content of dissolved and undissolved water in oil from 100 g/t to 10 g/t for one cycle;
  • reduce the gas content from 10-12% (by volume) to 0.1%;
  • remove mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns.
Timely cleaning of compressor oil in refrigeration systems increases the reliability of the work of compressor equipment, reduces downtime, and saves money on the purchase of fresh lubricating fluids. Exposure to vacuum provides for a high-quality procession of compressor oil and leaves all useful hydrocarbons in it. This results in an extended service life of the lubricating fluid. The principle of operation of the unit is as follows: at first, oil is pumped in through a filter with a fineness of 25 microns, whereupon it is delivered to the heater. From the heater oil gets into the vacuum column, where there is a nozzle at which water and dissolved gases are boiled away. Once this is done, oil is pumped out through a filter with a capacity of 5 microns (upon the Customer’s request it is possible to install a filter fineness of 1 micron). GlobeCore manufactures units for purification of compressor oil on the large-scale production, as well as according to your specific needs. Mass production models can be purchased directly from the warehouse. In the case of an individual order the unit will be manufactured within 45 working days. Putting a unit into operation lasts only a few days. During the time that it takes you to carry out preparation works, the GlobeCore equipment can be delivered to any place in the world. If necessary, our experts will commission and adjust the unit for purification of compressor oil, as well as train the staff of your Company.

If you read this, it means you are:

  • The owner of a Company, where cooling units are utilized. You do not want additional expenses for disposal of waste and purchase of a new compressor oil. You expect only on effective solutions that will bring a guaranteed profit, but not create additional problems;
  • A member of the purchase department. You have to please the leadership, find the best deal on the price and quality, establish and maintain contacts with the suppliers. In this respect, GlobeCore will be the best option for you: over the years, our company has established a really friendly both corporate and personal relationships with its customers;
  • An engineer servicing refrigeration equipment. You need to ensure the reliable operation of refrigeration equipment and to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime.
You want to order unit for purification of compressor oil from us! We provide servicing, spare parts, and have our own production – we are always ready to support you! High stability industrial purification systems for your business.

Let’s check together if you need a unit for purification of compressor oil from GlobeCore:

  • You do not want to be puzzled by the problem of waste compressor oil?
  • You want to save money on buying a new compressor oil?
  • You want to extend the service life of cooling units, increase their operational capacity and reduce downtime?
If you answered “Yes” to all the questions, then we are going the same way! The GlobeCore units for purification of compressor oil will help you in dealing with all your oil processing problems!

What do you need to do to have the unit working at your company?

  • please contact us through one of the contacts and together we will consider the best option for your specific needs;
  • we will offer you a complete set of the unit, prices, and the terms;
  • if necessary, we will hold a meeting with you at our plant;
  • we will manufacture the unit and commission it at your enterprise.

The advantages of the GlobeCore units for purification of compressor oil are:

  • ease of use;
  • possibility of manufacturing the unit in explosion-proof housing;
  • powder coating provides protection from environmental hazards;
  • there is protection against emergency situations (oil overfill protection, anti-foaming protection);
  • a special controller allows you to capture and display the description of the emergency on the screen, which contributes to a more rapid troubleshooting;
  • ability to operate in a temperate climate;
  • your order will be executed within a short term;
  • competitive price;
  • possibility of getting an expert advice from a design engineer prior to the purchase of equipment, and during its operation as well;we use components of the leading world manufacturers;

The questions that you may have:

1) The mentioned operational capacity of the unit does not meet my needs. But you still need to clean oil. What to do? GlobeCore offers an individual approach to its customers. To get started, contact us and indicate all the requirements for equipment. Representatives of our design department are always ready to offer you the best solutions. 2) What is the duration of equipment manufacturing in the case of an individual order? Duration of equipment manufacturing in the case of an individual order does not exceed 45 days. 3) What is the warranty period? The warranty period of equipment is usually 12 months. 4) Can our equipment purify all types of oil designated for use in cooling equipment? Yes, the GlobeCore equipment can purify all types of mineral compressor oil. If you still have any questions, we are always ready to answer them. Please, contact us through one of the listed contacts.

Technical Specifications of Purification Unit


Parameter description


1 Efficiency, m3/gals. per hour, not less: – in degassing,drying and filtration mode – in heating and filtration mode



2 Parameters of processed oil: – volumetric gas content, %, not more – mass moisture content, g/t, not more – purity class (as per ISO 4406), at least



9 (-/15/12)

3 Degree of filtration, microns


4 Maximal oil temperature at the outlet in heating mode, °С/°F


5 Oil heater capacity, kW, not more


6 Maximal input power, kW


7 Input voltage @ three-phase AC, 50/60 Hz, V


8 Outside dimensions, mm/(inches) (length/width/height), not more


9 Weight, kg/lbs., not more



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