How to Save money Buying Equipment for purification of oil ?

How to Save money Buying Equipment for purification of oil ? GlobeCore has been in the market of “oil” technologies for many years. Its high quality equipment as well as new technologies for treatment and regeneration of transformer oil, also mixing fuel installations helped it to gain positive reputation in international market, as well as trade relations with partners from 70 countries. Oil reclamation remains a main direction of GlobeCore Company. Due to the fact that replacement of old equipment is a blow to the budget of any company, the tasks for management of many companies – is finding the ways to extend service life of transformers and power engines. To save on repairs of equipment – is only possible with a constant surveillance of its condition. In transformers – it means monitoring a state of internal insulation, in other words – a state of oil. The aim of oil purification is removal of harmful components which weaken oil stability to oxygen and its insulating properties, viscosity at low temperatures, and also promote its aging. When oxygen and water enter transformer oil, it inevitably oxidize under any conditions. Acids formed during oxidation react with metals and carbons creating metal soap, aldehyde, alcohol, that accumulate as a deposit on insulation. Contaminated oil thus loses its ability to cool the transformer and leads to unexpected breakages. A quality method of cleaning oil is adsorption treatment in adsorbent layer. The oil reclamation process is continuous without interruption for replacement or renovation of sorbent.
How to Save money Buying Equipment for purification of oil?

Рurification of oil

GlobeCore plants CMM use synthetic zeolites as adsorbents for drying and purification of oils. Oil drying is also carried out by installations using “Fuller’s earth”|as a sorbent, which is both a filter and dryer and restores chemical composition of oil. They are intended for mechanical purification and reduce acidity of insulating oil with a viscosity 70 cSt at 50 ° C. The equipment can be used during installation, repair and operation of power transformers and 1150 kV high voltage. Zeolites in these units are used as cleaners, they have crystalline aluminosilicate water carcass. Zeolites used feature – is their porous structure. In contrast to other mineral adsorbents (silica gel, active alumina, charcoal), zeolites have homogeneous cavities size 0.3 – 1 mm depending on the type of zeolite – they are so-called “molecular sieve”. Pore size of zeolite ensures its molecular sieve properties, ie zeolites ability to adsorb only those molecules whose diameter does not exceed the diameter of its pores in the adsorption chamber. The special feature of mobile oil station CMM by GlobeCore is also mobility, and one-block or two-block structure. The latter includes heating and filtration block and sorbent cartridge block. This technology is designed for processing oil that needs warming up and filtration to required parameters, before sorbent treatment. The units can work separately. Bonus to already mentioned advantages of GlobeCore production is possibility of individual orders, designed and assembled, suited to industrial requirements of the customer.

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