The CMM-1.0 Oil Station Celebrated its Anniversary in Uzbekistan

At the beginning of December 2014, representatives of GlоbeCоre took a business trip to Uzbekistan. During this trip, the GlobeCore representatives visited the operating site and checked the condition of the CMM-1.0 that was sold to this country in 2010. GlоbeCоre is always trys to keep in touch with its customers and takes into consideration their comments on the equipment, not only during the warranty term, but also after the warranty period has expired. The GlobeCore CMM-1.0 mobile oil station is designed to remove the mechanical impurities and water from transformer oils.  The results of testing shows that the CMM-1.0 unit has been successfully working for five years.  The customer was positively impressed by this equipment as the equipment succeeded in purifying a great amount of transformer oil during that five year period.

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