Transformer Oil Aging Catalysts and Equipment for Vacuum Cleaning and Degassing – who wins?

Aging of transformer oil that is an internal insulator of engine is directly related to oxidation. A reaction of oxygen and water produces contaminated sediment. Particles of solid parts of transformer are dissolved in oil and reaction between different catalysts, for example, moisture and temperature lead to oil oxidation. One of transformer oil functions is heat-removing.  Common interaction between heat and humidity, as well as oxidation, destroys solid insulation of motor. Therefore, controlling and monitoring insulation and cooling system – prolongs the life of transformer to 40-60 years. Oxidation of oil – is an outcome that cannot be avoided. However, with properly controlled and regularly cleaned oil – the likelihood of technical problems decreases. Oil contamination causes deterioration of transformer. Usually contaminants appear faster when transformer is fully loaded and incorrectly operated. Recovered oil is only a little inferior in quality to “fresh” oil. Depending on technology, the average yield of recovered oil from waste oil, containing about 2-4% solids and water contaminants 10% – is 70-85% depending on the process of regeneration (cleaning) of oil. To completely remove mechanical impurities and improve the quality of oil – are used complex physical and chemical methods of oil reclamation (oil filtration + chemical recondition). Since moisture is the main “enemy” of insulating oil, one of the methods of removing it is a vacuum method followed by recycling of oil. Mobile oil plant CMM – 4A by GlobeCore is intended for complex cleaning of oil. Its distinguishing feature is that a vacuum container does not have fine dispersed spray or film or packed adsorbers for drying process. Oil is supplied to a “filter-activator” where the flow is separated into two phases. Moisture is absorbed by the surface of propylene fibers of “filter-activator”. This made it possible to get away from spray systems and packed absorbers to eliminate carrying of oil into vacuum line and significantly improve the stability of processed oil. GlobeCore uses advanced technologies, guarantees quality and fulfills individual orders. Each unit of GlobeCore – is economic, improved and a wise investment.

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