Transformer Oil Degassing Plant Successfully Commissioned in Pakistan

After a successful commissioning of a new GlobeCore CMM-10 plant in Saudi Arabia, another CMM-10 unit was supplied and commissioned in Pakistan. The selection of this equipment was made due to the following benefits:
  • the CMM-10 is simple and reliable in operation;
  • transformer oil is purified by heat and vacuum in one cycle;
  • the plant can be optionally configured as mobile or stationary unit allowing application in various conditions;
  • restoration of oil by the CMM-10 significantly extends the service life of the oil.
In addition to power transformers, the unit can also be used during the installation, repairs, and operation of other high voltage equipment. The CMM-10 operates in the following modes:
  • transformer heating
  • oil degassing
  • vacuum evacuation
The operator can select one of the above modes from the control panel. Its time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!

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