Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

Purification Oil by Bleaching Clay

During transformer oil purification, not only adsorption, but also other processes such as capillary condensation, chemisorption, flocculation, coagulation have a great impact on the final product.

Very often, so-called Fuller’s earth or Fuller’s Earth filters are used as bleaching clay.  Sorbents, applied for transformer oil reclamation,  should meet the following requirements:

(1) silic acid content in the dry product no less than 32.5%; content of calcium and magnesium no more than 2.2%;

(2) the packed density of grit is no more than 0.65 g/cm3;

(3) the acid number of waste oil should be reduced by 45% per day;

(4) the size of grit grains is 3-7 mm;

(5) no more than 5% of grit grains with the size less than 3 mm;

(6) no other impurities; and

(7) moisture content is no more than 10%;

Bleaching clays may be used both for continuous oil regeneration in transformers with a dehydrating filter breather and for the restoration of oil discharged from power equipment (contact method).

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