Transformer Oil Vacuum Degassing

The normal in service use of electric power transformers may lead to the accumulation of gasses in the insulating oil which will result in the premature oxidation and degradation of dielectric properties the oil and the solid insulation.  It is therefore, why the process of vacuum degassing is used to separate gasses from the oil. The statistics show that the majority of breakdowns of electric power transformers are caused by the degradation of the insulating oil’s performance characteristics.  That is why the oil is so important in determining the reliability of the distribution and transmission process and the service life of the equipment that transmits the electric power across the power grid. In recent times, the requirements for transformer oil have been significantly increased because of the rise in voltage and increased demands placed on the equipment.  The restoration of the required quality of dielectric oils may be achieved by removing gasses and water from the oil through the process of vacuum degassing. Transformer oil degassing may be performed either by spraying it in vacuum chambers or using special heaters that are evenly distributed in the vacuum chamber.  Degassing is performed during the slow flow of oil along the surface of a heater.  There is normally a balance between the content of water and gasses during vacuum degassing.  Generally speaking, it depends on the process reaction temperature and residual pressure.  The following statement is true:  the lower the residual pressure and the vacuuming temperature is, the faster gasses and water are removed from the oil. GlobeCore has developed and is still producing CMM high vacuum degassing units for transformer oil servicing.  They may be used when repairing, installing, and producing high voltage equipment.  Depending on the tasks performed, the CMM units may be operated in one of the following modes:
  • heating up of transformer oil;
  • oil degassing; and
  • transformer vacuumizing.
There are also available for sale, transformer oil vacuum units that may be pad-mounted or placed on a trailer. The application of GlobeCore degassing equipment allows the electrial equipment owners:
  • to prevent breakdowns of equipment preventing unscheduled power outages;
  • to increase equipment reliability;
  • to extend the service life of transformer oil and the equipment;
  • to reduce oil consumption and waste; and
  • to reduce operating costs.

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