TSS (Transformer Safety System): Safe Oil Maintenance of Powered Transformer

Cleaning and regeneration of insulating oils – is an important and integral part of the measures aimed at improving reliability and extending life of power transformers.

When performing oil regeneration, there may be a variety of emergency situations (oil leaks, air in hoses, etc.), which lead to the loss of precious time, and in some cases – to unplanned financial expenses.

Therefore – to enhance the security of oil processing GlobeCore proposes to connect oil filtration systems with TSS. This equipment can be used by enterprises of electric power industry, as well as the organizations which carry out repair of oil-filled equipment.

Standard set of safety system TSS:

  • Two valves;
  • Oil level sensor;
  • Set of cables;
  • Control cabinet.

TSS (Transformer Safety System) connects  the following units  to  transformer:

  • transformer oil filtering equipment;
  • transformer oil degassing systems;
  • transformer oil drying units.

Oil purification plant connects to a transformer via upper and lower ports/gateways. Each gateway contains a special automatic valve, which in emergency situations, such as oil leakage disables the installation.

The operator can set the norms for upper and lower oil level in the transformer tank. If oil is not reaching the level, the sensor will give a command to disconnect the transformer and oil purification equipment.

Air gets into the hoses switches on  the air relief valve, eliminating false alarms of transformer gas relay.

Safety system connecting multiple filtration units to the transformer – TSS has the following advantages:

  • Independent. Is used with any equipment  of GlobeCore or other manufacturers;
  • Versatility. It is used with oil treatment plants, filtration and regeneration plants;
  • Easy connection. With basic skills the operator connects equipment in five minutes;
  • Works with  transformer under voltage;
  • Control panel is attached to both the installation itself (temporarily or permanently), and to the special support;
  • Specially requested GSM-module  works the installation by mobile phone.



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