waste oil filtration

waste oil filtration

Waste disposal has been a problem for years, becoming more acute in the recent time. The origin of waste changed from fabric and food waste to industrial waste, with the amount of waste increasing with the growth of industry.

Incorrect handling of used petroleum oils is a serious hazard to the environment and human health. Even small amounts of this substance can cause massive damage to animals if it enters the soil or a water body. Carcinogenic substances in used oil have an obvious effect on humans.

World experience shows that petroleum oils form 80-85% waste. Reduction of the amount is essential.

One of the promising ways to solve this problem is to extend the service life of the oil by timely oil filtration. Contaminants are the factor, which, along with harsh operating conditions, make waste oil unusable. Quality purification of oil may extend oil life. The most dangerous contaminants are particulate matter, water and various gases.

GlobeCore is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of oil waste and oil in operation. The GlobeCore technology processes combine classic and novel approaches for the best results.

An important feature of GlobeCore products is their versatility. This means that the same unit type can be used to purify transformer, turbine, industrial, transmission and other types of oil. Some of the units, such as the UVR, for instance, purify and clarify diesel and heavy fuel oil, kerosene and petroleum.

Filtration of waste oil extends their service life and saves money on buying new oil. Besides, the cleaner the oil, the less danger of equipment failure and damage.


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